Interview with Bret Contreras aka "The Glute Guy"


By Chris and Eric Martinez (DDT)

September 2012-

YO! DDT peeps, we have a very special treat for all of you today. If you don’t already know who Bret Contreras is, then sit up straight, tighten your glutes and be prepared to be WOWED by this interview with the man that takes sad looking booties to booties that salute! Pen and paper out…Lets do it!

DDT: Could you give us a little background info on who Bret Contreras is?                 

Bret: Who is Bret Contreras? Let’s see – I’m obsessed with Biomechanics. I love analyzing and performing exercises. I have a particular talent in booty-sculpting. I have a CSCS and MS, and I’m going for my PhD in sport science.  I am on a mission to spread evidence-based decision making in strength & conditioning, and I’ve surrounded myself with highly competent folks who can help me accomplish this mission.   

I regularly publish articles with my friend Brad Schoenfeld. I run a research review service with my friend Chris Beardsley. And I record a podcast with my friend Jonathan Fass. These guys are world-class in terms of knowledge and talent and I’m honored to be linked with them.             

DDT: You are known as “The Glute Guy.” Can you explain to the audience where and why you got this nickname?

Bret: I love all types of strength training, movement patterns, and muscles, but I have an affinity for the glutes. This has much to do with the fact that I didn’t have any glutes until I was around 22 years old. I had to learn how to build them, and I’ve studied the glutes intensively over the past couple of decades. Several years ago at a Perform Better seminar I was talking to Martin Rooney about my EMG research on glute exercises and he suggested that I have a nickname – The Glute Guy. I ran with it and never looked back.

DDT: You have spent a significant amount of time doing research in New Zealand at a prestigious institute. Can you tell us what you were exactly researching and where did you get the drive and courage to travel so far?

Bret: You’re right; I’m studying at AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand. AUT is one of the best (if not THE best) sport science schools in the world. They have excellent professors, labs, programs, libraries, and students. It’s an honor to be associated with the school. I learned a lot about sports science technology – isokinetic dynamometers, force treadmills, force plates, linear position transducers, accelerometers, EMG, ultrasound, inverse dynamics, etc. I also read a million studies in strength & conditioning, biomechanics, physical therapy, and the like, and interacted with top professors and coaches. I’m researching the glutes (what else?) and the transfer of glute exercises to performance. I traveled this far because I hit it off with a couple of the professors – birds of a feather flock together.

DDT: What is it about the glutes that has fascinated you so much?

Bret: The glutes are so dang important – sprinting, jumping, cutting, twisting, protecting the knees and back, not to mention looking athletic and sexy! They’re critical for most sports including strength sports. And Glute Biomechanics is not straight-forward. There’s a lot to it that people don’t know.

DDT: What do you feel the biggest problem is with men and women these days neglecting their glutes?

Bret: Definitely unnecessary back and knee pain.  Strong, well-functioning glutes protect the body and keep things moving properly.

DDT: Can you please explain to our women audience why it is so crucial for them to be hip thrusting?

Bret: Women (and men) should take pride in their glutes. They’re a temple! Strong, shapely glutes represent power, speed, and athleticism. The hip thrust is the number one glute exercise in my opinion. It maximizes glute activation and hypertrophy and is very safe and well-tolerated if performed properly. Athletic women should be hip thrusting 225lbs x 10 reps and males 365lbs x 10 reps.

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DDT: What does the “glute guy” like to do for fun?

Bret: I love watching movies and certain tv shows. I read Biomechanics research like it’s going out of style. I spend a lot of time with my family on the weekends. I lift weights 4-6 days per week. Almost every night I go to the Jacuzzi and relax for 15 minutes or so. I like going on walks and talking on my phone. I talk too much!

DDT: Is there any possibility that you would date a woman that didn’t hip thrust? Lol

Bret: Yes. But she’d need to have a nice booty naturally. If she didn’t naturally have a nice booty, then you can bet she’ll be thrusting! Women with great booties exude confidence. And a confident woman is a sexy woman! It’s in your best interest to help get your girlfriend’s booty looking the best it can possibly look. She’ll be more exciting in bed, she’ll be more social and upbeat, and she’ll be more trusting. Many of my former clients have informed me that I saved their relationship!

“Women with great booties exude confidence. And a confident woman is a sexy woman!”

DDT: What has been your biggest obstacle or challenge in life?

Bret: My mind runs around the clock. Every day I talk to researchers and coaches and read studies and blog posts. Then I experiment on myself and my clients. I come up with so many ideas and thoughts. I jot them all down and I don’t even come close to having the time to finish it all. I wish I had a few clones to do the grunt work on some of the projects I think up. Needless to say, sometimes I experience anxiety on account of this affliction, so I try to take some time to smell the roses and relax each day.

DDT: My brother and I are identical twins and have the same exact interests in just about everything. With you having a twin as well, can you explain some of the similarities you two may have? We would like our audience to get a feel for some more twin power.

Bret: My twin brother Joel and I are very protective of one another. He’s more artistic (artist, photographer, realtor, designer), whereas I’m more scientific (former math tutor and teacher, researcher, etc.). I suppose if you combined us into one human being we’d be supernatural. Nevertheless, several nights per week we go on walks or hit up the Jacuzzi, and we’re sure to discuss our lives with each other. Sometimes it’s a bit eerie – someone will ask a question and we’ll answer with the same thing at the same time. We have similar mannerisms, strengths, and faults. We’re both night-owls, we both love exercising, and we like the same food, movies, tv shows, and music. But my glutes are bigger! 😉

DDT: Bret we can’t thank you enough for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this. You’re a true inspiration for us, our audience, and all the booties out there! Thanks again!

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