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Today I am excited and honored to share my client and friend, Julie Murphy’s 30 week weight loss journey.

Julie came to me with a lot of common frustrations that others have within their fitness journeys and losing weight and keeping it off for good.

Julie lost a significant amount of weight before working with me but she ended up regaining 40 plus pounds of it. This is very common because we develop metabolic adaptations (increased hunger, decreased satiety, hormones are out of wack, etc) during dieting and once its time to end the diet, we tend to revert back to old habits and dont realize our bodies are fat storing machines after losing a significant amount of weight.

After having a consultation with her, I got a good feeling for why she wasn’t able to keep the weight off that she lost and the main reason was the nutrition program she was on during dieting wasn’t sustainable and realistic for a long term post diet. It was too black and white and rigid to be turned into a lifestyle.

I knew if Julie could include the foods she liked within moderation, didn’t have to cut all carbs out, didn’t have to go extremely high or low fat,and developed sound habits and systems around her schedule and lifestyle… that she would have a lot of success during the dieting phase and most importantly… during the post dieting phase and thus keeping the weight off for good.

It turns out Julie lost over 40 pounds in 30 weeks and has to this day kept all of the weight off!

Coach Chris


Week 1-

193 lbs

Waist circumference 36 inches


Week 30-

150 lbs

Waist circumference 25 inches


See what Julie has to say about her 30 week Weight Loss Journey …



When I finally came across DDT after trying for 2 years to lose the 40 plus pounds I’d put on over 4 years, I was at my wits end.  I had gone through 2 personal trainers, a personal training gym, Crossfit classes, paleo diet, super low carb/high fat, etc. You name it, I tried it.  Everything I tried was either too intense/restrictive to adhere to for very long, or in some cases I even gained weight.

I was quite skeptical when I found DDT, but based on the research I had done I was willing to give it a go.  And holy bananas, am I glad I did.  I never imagined that 7 ½ months later, I would be 43 pounds lighter and fitting into my old jeans that haven’t fit me since 2009!

The beginning wasn’t easy, as my initial weight loss started off slow but Coach Chris’s encouragement kept me going.  It took some time getting used to counting macros and weighing food, but once I got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing!

The best part was being able to eat chocolate chip pancakes every day as long as they fit my macros.  It’s hard to believe the “easiest” diet/training program I tried, was the one that actually led me to reach my weight loss goal.  I can’t thank DDT enough for helping me get my life back.

– Julie Murphy



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