How To Get Rid of Cellulite

By Chris Martinez

Dec. 20. 2010-

How in the world does one get cellulite and how the heck do we get rid of it? These are two questions that are always pondering women’s minds. I will start off by explaining what cellulite is and how women get this and later on I will discuss 4 ways that I think will help diminish cellulite.

Cellulite is this cottage cheese looking like thing that specifically women put on in the upper thigh, lower gluteus area when putting on extra weight. The reason for this is collagen fibers in the body are what make up your skin. When these fibers lose their tension, the fat stored underneath the skin starts to bubble up and that’s what gives the cottage cheese look. It’s almost like these fibers are being suffocated underneath the skin in those specific areas and they are gasping for air. Basically, in the most simplistic form, cellulite is just another term for fat.

From what I’ve learned and read over the years, there is no real way to eliminate cellulite, I could be wrong though. But, from what I know right now to this day, there aren’t really any cures for it. Unless there’s some technology out there that will get rid of it. All those infomercials and advertisements on creams and special ointments that promise to eliminate cellulite are plain garbage. How on earth will a cream or ointment eliminate cellulite, just really think about it? Don’t fall into those traps and waste your money on that garbage.

The best things I can recommend to diminish cellulite are the following:

1) Clean up your diet and get your body healthy to lose body fat- Eat a nutritious whole food diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits. This will help adapt your body into an energetic fat burning mode.

2) Spot strengthen- Since you can’t spot reduce, you want to focus on spot strengthening that specific area that has cellulite. Make sure to do squats, step ups and lunges. Do lower reps so you strengthen this area, I’m not talking about 15-20 reps here, I’m talking about 6-8 heavy reps. Also, don’t waste your time doing hours of cardio, it won’t help. Lifting weights will oxidize more fat overall.

3) HIIT cardio- Again, going back to wasting a lot of time doing hours of low intensity cardio, try high intensity interval training. This type of cardio will expend more calories in a shorter amount of time and will increase your metabolic rate throughout the day, so that you will be burning calories all day.

4) Drink plenty of water- This will help flush out a lot of the toxins in your body and will help collagen fibers.