How to Get More Online Personal Training Clients and Retain Them




How’s it going our fellow fitness coaches and fitness Rock star’s! Hope your 2019 is BOOMING with success and serving your clients with their NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS.

Today we got a great topic that is near and dear to our hearts as fitness coaches and business coaches. We are pretty sure you will agree with us on these points we make and most important the 4 ways we suggest GETTING MORE ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING CLIENTS AND RETAIN THEM 😊

After being in the fitness industry for over 10 years now and having worked with THOUSANDS of clients all around the world it still baffles us and really irritates us when Fitness Coaches give their clients HALF-ASS CUSTOMER SERVICE AND A BAD COACHING EXPERIENCE.

We have had a lot of consultation calls these past few weeks with new clients looking for coaching and we cannot believe some of the horror stories we have heard. We have heard a ton of them but man oh man we still can’t believe coaches treat their clients this way 😡

If you are a fitness coach, whether it is online or in person, please take our advice on this one and write it down somewhere.


We would repeat that put we are sure you could hear us screaming that out from the top of our lungs. This is something we teach heavily in our Dynamic Inner Circle Program to our students and they know we mean business when it comes to CUSTOMER SERVICE 😂

Let’s get into 4 Ways to Get More Online Personal Training Clients and Retain Them shall we👇



A shitty attitude, thinking you know it all, having an ego, giving short answers, not wanting to communicate via video or audio, holding yourself on a pedestal, favoring certain clients, jeopardizing people’s health, and trying to make a quick buck will put you out of this game very fast and give you the reputation you deserve!

At the end of the day put yourself in your client’s shoes and give them what they pay for. They are putting their health and trust in you to deliver, educate, and change their lives.

Customer service should be at the forefront of your business and business values to continue to stabilize, optimize, and expand your business 💪

You should be honored when a client chooses you to coach them, don’t ever take it for granted because there are other talented coaches that treat people right by giving exceptional customer service and will take your place in a heartbeat.

Take Home Message: Treat your clients the way you would want to be treated. Exceed their expectations. And shower them with Ritz-Carlton like customer service.



2) Create Relationships With Your Clients 🙌

One of the best parts of being a fitness coach is the opportunity to build long lasting relationships and friendships with your clients. In order to fully earn your clients trust and have them let down their guard is to get them to TRUST YOU.

The way you earn trust is by taking a general interest in who they are as people, what do they do on the weekends, what do they do for fun, what are their hobbies, do they have kids, a significant other? The list goes on in terms of ways to build a relationship.

We promise if you do this your clients will rave about you, refer you, look forward to updates, and most importantly, drum roll please….They will TRUST YOU thus get better results in their fitness journey 👊

Take Home Message: Start asking more questions and learn to listen to your clients.



3) Create an Amazing Experience for Your Clients 👌

Giving your clients a memorable coaching experience is so important when it comes to retaining your clients! Just ask yourself the question, “What Would I likely recommend? A memorable experience or a shitty experience?” Pretty sure it’s option A.

Take Home Message: It’s very simple, give your clients the experience they deserve. Some suggestions are as follows:

  • Give your clients a gift. It’s incredible how far a small gift can go in terms of clients showing their appreciation and even sharing that gift on their social media accounts. Which then leads to more eyeballs for you thus possible potential clients 😎
  • Write down their Birthdays on a spreadsheet and send them a hand-written b-day card in the mail. We kid you not this is such a game changer in terms of creating an awesome experience.
  • Have amazing systems in place such as your sign-up process, program delivery, support, and check-in process which should all be done via video to make it more personable



4) Get Your Clients Results 👏

At the end of that day results are everything and speak for your expertise and work. A client’s main objective coming to you for coaching is for you to deliver results. No ifs, ands, or buts about it!

Make sure you are evaluating each client and tailoring their fitness programs to their specific needs and goals. Don’t half ass their programs and their check-ins. Always put your clients in a position to succeed and that will lead to some awesome client testimonials for you to share on your site or social media to drive in more clients 💪

Take Home Message: Make sure you clearly understand their goals and desires. Put them in a feasible position to be able to execute the plan you have for them. And work your ass off to get them to the end destination they want and need.



Wrapping Up

We hope these 4 Ways to Get More Online Personal Training Clients and Retain Them helped ladies and gents.

Our take home message for you is as follows 👇

Take pride in being a fitness coach, business owner, educator, leader, and most importantly make INTEGRITY the top priority along with CUSTOMER SERVICE, BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS, CREATING EXPERIENCES, AND GETTING YOUR AWESOME CLIENTS THE RESULTS, THEY DESERVE AND PAY YOU FOR 🙌

When we coach our Dynamic Inner Circle Students that want to build and scale their coaching businesses it always starts with these principles and foundations to become A DYNAMIC FITNESS COACH AND BUSINESS OWNER.

Take your reputation seriously and leave a LEGACY behind with your fitness coaching talents and you will create a ton of wealth and have a thriving business for the long haul 💪


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