How Sammy Got Her Groove Back with Health and Fitness


Hey there ladies and gentlemen! I am excited to share my client and friend Sammy Braithwaite’s success story with you.

When Sammy first came to me she was coming off a rough contest prep show and just felt over worked. Sammy also struggled with food relationships and unhealthy habits that needed to be addresses before anything else.

I knew there was something missing when I first started coaching Sammy, it almost seemed as if she lost her love for fitness, and keep in mind Sammy is a personal trainer and coach herself. When I saw this love missing, I knew I had to approach things differently as a practitioner and really work on the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition to build that foundation for Sammy and have her enjoy it again.

After a year, guess what? Sammy found her groove back and started rocking her goals again! Sammy went through a proper lean building phase to improve her overall health, established better food relationships, built great habits, increased muscle and strength, and most important became happy and fulfilled with who she is and found that love for the gym again.

It has been such an honor coaching Sammy the past two year and seeing her grow inside and outside of the gym. Sammy has so much potential going forward and I truly believe I was able to help her discover this and I can’t wait to see her pursue her goals going forward.

Sammy and I have also developed a very strong relationship as friends even though she is in Canada and I look forward to our friendship going forward.

Make sure to watch Sammy’s video to see what she had to say about her journey and experience working with me. -Coach Eric


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