How Adam Shedded 7 pounds of body fat and Gained more Muscle & Strength in 10 weeks

Adam Talks About His Fitness Journey


Today is another amazing fitness transformation and celebration by our friend and DDT member, Adam Felske.

Adam wasnt looking to lose a massive amount of weight, just 5-10 pounds, and increase some muscle mass and strength.

He had some common problems he was facing in his fitness journey such as:

  • Inconsistency overall with training and nutrition
  • He never followed a sound training and nutrition program tailored to his goals, lifestyle, preferences, etc.
  • He thought he always ate healthy (fruits, veggies, plenty of water, etc)

Once we put Adam on a training and nutrition program around his goals, lifestyle, personal preferences, individual metabolic variances, etc. He got into a “State of Flow” and couldn’t be stopped!

He lost body fat, gained muscle mass, strength, his confidence increased, he learned a ton about foods, calorie deficit, macros, portion control, flexibility within a diet, a proper training program that was feasible for his schedule, a training program that was flexible and enjoyable, etc.

We couldn’t be prouder to have coached Adam and be apart of his fitness journey!

He now has some invaluable tools and knowledge within fitness that will keep him in the best shape of his life and want to strive for more 😊

-Chris and Eric



148 pounds

10 Weeks Later

141 pounds


Diet Type: Flexible Nutrition

Exercise Program: Progressive Resistance Training

Fitness Journey Length: 10 weeks

Focus: Fat loss, build muscle mass and strength, and keep the weight off post diet


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