Dynamic Healthy Burritos


Healthy burritos!!! No way! How’s that possible? This is probably pondering your mind while you read this and licking your lips at the same time. Yes! There is a way to make healthy burritos and you’ve come to the right place to learn how to include them into your diets. These healthy burritos are a great alternative to cheap frozen burritos and greasy-calorie loaded burritos from restaurants. These healthy burritos contain a great lean protein source, complex carbs packed with high fiber contents, some healthy condiments, good fats, and whole-wheat sprouted grain tortillas. Give this recipe a try and play around with some of the ingredients. This is a macronutrient packed meal ladies and gents…Enjoy!



Pepper Jack cheese

Guacamole spread

Low-fat sour cream

Ezekiel sprouted grain tortillas

Cuban style black beans

Shredded chicken

Brown rice

Add some Tapatio sauce or salsa for more flavor



“Live a Dynamic Lifestyle”