Gaining More Muscle While Dropping Body Fat, Rachael’s Journey


Rachael Talks About Her Fitness Journey


Hey there ladies and gentleman!  I am excited to share my client and friend, Rachael Back’s success story with you. The cool thing here is Rachael is a coach as well so I knew this was going to be fun, help give her fresh ideas for her clients, and she was going to be a warrior along her journey!

I have always said, there is nothing wrong with fitness coaches hiring other coaches to coach them through some goals. We all need that non-biased eye, accountability, and a different exercise and nutrition philosophy at times 😊

Rachael’s goals were pretty straight forward, she felt stuck with her body composition and needed a game plan and extra push to take her body to the next level. My initial approach was let’s run a 16-week dieting phase to get you leaner and build some lean muscle mass. Nothing to crazy here 😉

The funny thing was I had a hunch Rachael was going to “Re-Comp” which means you simultaneously lose body fat and gain muscle mass. In a perfect world this is what we all strive for haha but it’s not that simple and generally happens more with those that have not ran many diet phases and have not been on proper strength training programs.

This was awesome to see Rachael respond this way because it goes to show the scale isn’t the end all be all when dieting and losing body fat. Rachael clearly made big changes on her body composition if you take a look at her comparison pictures and most importantly she made some huge gains mentally 😊


Before Pic

After 15 Weeks:

  • She lost 5 pounds
  • She lost 1 inch off her waist and 1.5 inches off her hips
  • She gained more strength
  • She increased a lot more muscle mass all around
  • She never had to restrict the foods she liked
  • She gained more knowledge with exercise and nutrition
  • She is a better coach now
  • She is more of a badass 😉

It has been an honor coaching Rachael and I am extremely proud of her and grateful for her letting me be part of her journey. We make a great team and she kicked ass!

-Coach Eric


Diet Type: Flexible Nutrition

Exercise Program: Progressive Resistance Training

Fitness Journey Length: 15 weeks

Focus: Fat loss, increase muscle mass, and strength



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