Full Time Grad Student Trusts the Process and Leads to Successful Weight Loss



How’s it going ladies and gents! Today I am excited to share my client and friend, Brielle Nuzzo’s 16-week Dieting Phase Success and Journey. Brielle first came to me with the goals of wanting to lose body fat, build muscle, increase strength, and most importantly feel comfortable in her own skin and gain more knowledge within training and nutrition.

Brielle was used to following a very rigid/cookie cutter nutrition program. I knew the first thing we had to do as a team was to build a solid foundation for Brielle and earn her trust in me. I started Brielle on a reasonable calorie deficit as she was in a good position with her maintenance calories and she immediately responded dropping body fat and gaining lean muscle mass. The key win here for Brielle was she learned “REF” Realistic/Enjoyable/Flexible approaches within training and nutrition and developed some awesome skills and habits to where she can now use for the long haul!

Brielle really improved her overall body composition while dropping a total of 12 pounds while building better habits, learning how to find balance, and feeling better about her overall image! Brielle will be hitting the stage sometime in 2017 so be on the lookout for her next journey.


Week 1-

126 lbs.

Waist circumference 28 inches


Week 16-

112.8 lbs.

Waist circumference 25 inches



I like to show these stats because too often we see misleading information about weight loss or weight gains and I am all about authenticity and describing the approach I took with Brielle.

I am extremely proud of Brielle and it’s been an honor coaching her and being a part of her journey. Most importantly it’s been amazing getting to know Brielle as an individual and I consider her a friend and part of the DDT family!



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