Former Navy Veteran Overcomes Binge Eating and Conquers the Bikini Stage!



Hey there ladies and gentleman! We are excited to share our client and friend, Elizabeth Kahline Scott’s 21 Week Bikini Prep story with you. Elizabeth struggled growing up with her weight and always felt she was the heavier girl in the group and wanted to make a change in her physique and overall health. Elizabeth has an amazing story that she tells more details about above in her video.


Elizabeth struggled with some crash dieting occurrences before going into the Navy which lead her to get to her heaviest of 215 pounds.

Elizabeth was frustrated with her body image and nutritional habits and her training and cardio routine looked like this:


-Couple days out of the week doing Zumba classes

-Couple of spin classes here and there

-Some weight lifting here and there


Basically no strategic plan in her training or periodization. If there were three words to sum up Elizabeth’s current fitness program it would be “No Game plan”


So, Elizabeth told me how much she wanted to enhance her physique and gain more knowledge through going through her first Bikini Prep Show. I had no doubt that Elizabeth could attain this goal after consulting with her, seeing her health was in a great place, and more importantly her attitude to conquer this goal was there. After implementing a game plan for her she absolutely flourished with everything and crushed the stage!

-Coach Eric


After 21 weeks:

-She won 1st place in her class and 3rd place in the overall

-She lost 21 lbs

-She lost 2.5 inches off her waist

-She kept the majority of her strength

-She actually increased some muscle mass

-She became more knowledge and confident

-She never had to restrict the foods she liked, and became very creative with recipes 😉

It has been an honor coaching Elizabeth and I am extremely proud of her and being part of her journey.



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