How Flexible Dieting Led me to Lose 57 Pounds!







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Today we have a guest post from our friend, Jeremy Griffin. We’ve connected with Jeremy the past couple of years and really like his approach with fitness. He recently reached out to share his fitness journey on our site and we were glad to have him on here to inspire, educate, and motivate our readers.

We hope you get a thing or two out of this post 🙂

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Hello everyone, my name is Jeremy Griffin and I would like to share a bit about my recent fat-loss transformation. Prior to this fat-loss phase, I spent 2.5 YEARS bulking and building my metabolism. I went from a skinny guy standing at 6’2” weighing 175lbs, to a large 6’2” 255lbs over the course of 30 months. Doing this put me in the best possible position to undergo a significant fat-loss phase without having to starve myself or suffer too badly. I entered a caloric deficit on February 1st of this year, and I am just now finishing things up diet wise. It has been about 8.5 months of dieting, with no more than a 3-day diet break.




This fat-loss phase had been something that I was looking forward to, planning, and visualizing for so long before I ever actually started. I knew that if I could suck it up and stay in a caloric surplus for over 2 years while applying progressive overload to my lifts, and remain healthy- I could make leaps and bounds when it comes to my physique. Well, all that patience really proved to be worth it as the fat started to fall off and I was able to see more and more of the physique I had built underneath all that body-fat.

Back in February, I started out my deficit at about 3600 calories and was losing weight at that intake believe it or not. I have been utilizing Flexible Dieting protocols for about 3 years now, and this cut was no different. While I typically opt for volume foods over treats (which are less filling), I don’t see food sources as good or bad- nor do I deprive myself of having a particular food source if I really want it (and I can fit it into my macro/calorie allotment). Everyone has different methods of how they progress during a fat-loss phase, but I personally took the SLOW

AND STEADY incremental approach. This means I only decreased my calories or increased my cardio expenditure when I had plateaued for a week or more. No drastic caloric drops or assigning daily cardio out of the gate.



LISS sessions per week, which was only possible because of how slow and patient I was with both my prior bulking phase and this fat-loss phase. This was in addition to about 90+ minutes of lifting 6 days a week, in which I put a TON of focus on maintaining my strength as best I could. This allowed me to preserve the majority of the muscle that I worked so hard to build!

34 weeks later, I’ve gone from 255lbs to 197lbs- which is a weight I haven’t seen on the scale in about 3 years! I’m down 57lbs and I’ve managed to maintain a great relationship with food, the majority of my strength in the gym, and I feel better both physically and mentally than I have in a very long time. For those of you that read this far- I‘d like to thank you for listening to my transformation story and I’d also like to thank Eric and Chris for sharing it! You guys are awesome!

-Jeremy Griffin


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