27 “LOCO” GOOD ARTICLES AND VIDEOS: The Best Workout Videos



What’s up Ladies and Gents! We have another LOCO list of good fitness blogs, articles, videos, and podcasts to get you educated for some of the best folks in the industry!

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Train hard, eat world-class, be relentless, and don’t forget to enjoy the grind!


Precision Meal Planning What to Eat and Why! by The Diet Doc Permanent Weight Loss

Big-3 Lower Body by Elite Conditioning

The Best Diet for Weight Loss by Dr. Spencer

Evaluating Evidence by Eric Helms

Junk Miles and Calories by Jose Antonio PhD

Cardio Lowers RMR – A Fairy Tale by Jose Antonio PhD

Heart Rate Variability with Dr. Mike T. Nelson via Iraki Nutrition

The Secret Diet for Gaining Weight by John Meadows

Study Suggests Superiority of Dieting with 2 Refeeds/week vs. Continuos Dieting- In Spite of Lower Energy Deficits by SuppVersity

Researchers Point to the Optimal Dose, Timing, and Distribution to Maximize Muscle by Danny Lennon

The New Rules of Specialization: How to Add Muscle Mass by Adam Bornstein

How to Bench by Greg Nuckols

Physical Preparation by Greg Robins via Mike Robertson

Turkish Get-Up Tip: Vertical Knee by Tony Gentilcore

Random Points from Watching Functional Stability Traning: Optimizing Performace by Dean Somerset

Five Tips for Guaranteed Failure by Mike Samuels

Are Cast Iron Pans Unsafe? by Kamal Patel via Examine.com

Are High Protein Diets Safe? by Layne Norton

How Much Training is Necessary to Maintain Strength and Muscle? by Bret Contreras

Dieting and Metabolism by Brad Dieter, PhD

Become more Human than Human by James Fell

The Best Weight- Lifting Advice for Men Over 40 by Bryan Krahn

The Peak Week Round Table feat. Cliff Wilson, Eric Helms, Jason Theobald Via Jeff Nippard

How Starting a Podcast Change my Life by Andrea Valdez

Who do you want to be in 5 years? by Katie Anne

Grocery Haul Saving Money at Aldi by The Macro Experiment

Rapid Fat Loss: It Actually Works Pretty Damn Well by Jordan Syatt


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