Effect of Kratom on your body odor!

Effect of Kratom on your body odor !

Body odor can be a frustrating issue for some people downgrading their quality of life. The bacterial processes are responsible for the unpleasant odor of the body, but many people consider sweat as a reason for body odor. However, it is odorless, and the bacteria present in sweat cause a bad smell. The bacteria break down the protein molecules of the sweat and spread an unpleasant odor. The odor could also come from the mouth, armpits, or other fluids. Mitragynine Speciosa or Kratom is a tropical plant that holds medicinal values for people. It is a natural herb gaining traction for its unique healing properties. One can buy different Kratom products from online retailers like the golden monk. Currently, there is not much information available to show the usefulness of Kratom for body odor.


How is the Smell of Kratom?

The smell of the herb can convey a lot about its quality and experience. The natural odor of mitragynine is earthy but not always pleasant. With the change of quality and strain of the herb, the smell starts to vary for each type. Typically the odor of mitragynine is like that of green tea leaves. To some people, this can be a pungent smell. The Red vein Kratom smells like matcha powder, most commonly known as green tea leaves powder. Sometimes it even gives you the taste of green tea, in a much bitter way. The green-colored strains of mitragynine have a strong aroma and are much earthier than the red or white Kratoms.

People who smoke Kratom experience a different odor of it. Although burning the mitragynine leaves kills its alkaloids and makes it less effective, people still choose the vape method. It is because vaping makes us relaxed and induces calmness. Smoking Kratom is not everyone’s piece of cake as the odor becomes unbearably stifling. The musty and awful smell hinders the pleasure of smoking leaves. It is not an enjoyable way to consume mitragynine. Other forms of consuming mitragynine seem viable when the smell is highly pungent.

Does Kratom make your body smell?

There is not much information available that shows how Kratom affects body odor. Anecdotally, people who have tried this herb reported experiencing a funky smell from their bodies. This funky smell might be because of the powder mixing with the sweat by breaking its molecules and spreading a funky smell. However, only a minor portion of people who tried mitragynine reported this. Most people did not experience or notice any change in the body odor after taking Kratom. It cannot be trusted blindly, and there are still debates around this topic. Prolonged use of Kratom can give your body a significant odor of the drug, but it cannot be the scene with everyone.


The aroma of Kratom is like that of green tea. Most people can expect to smell feebly like green tea leaves with its long-term use. Although mitragynine does not cause any pleasant odor to the body, it also does not make your body stink. It does not affect the body odor. To help your body get rid of the unpleasant smell, you should try different methods. Avoid eating oil-based foods that may lead to more sweating, bath and change your clothes regularly, use deodorants to mask the smell, or use moisturizers that help reduce sweating.

Does Kratom make your urine smell?

Kratom goes inside the body and is not topically applied to the skin and hence causes changes in the internal body fluids. When it comes to the odor of your urine, there is no concrete information to support in favor or against this statement. However, large doses can cause changes in the body leading to a change in the urine smell. When taken in high doses, mitragynine leaves large concentrations in the body. It adds a smell like coffee to your urine. However, this only happens with an overdose of mitragynine. If the urine does not smell odd, you are okay to go and need not worry.

Does Kratom cause Bad Breath?

Some users have experienced a bad-smelling mouth after taking mitragynine. Mitragynine leaves your mouth dry, and a dry mouth gives birth to bad breath. The use of Kratom can sometimes cause dehydration in the body, lack of fluid does not make saliva in the mouth, and hence the mouth goes dry. Another reason for mitragynine to cause bad breath is after you take the Kratom powder and drink water after it. The wet powder stick to the walls of the mouth and the teeth. These bits cause bad breath for a long time. To avoid this unpleasant odor, carefully consume it with proper methods.

Quality of Kratom and Aroma

The odor of the mitragynine sample tells us a lot about its quality. While purchasing Kratom, pick a small amount of it and smell it. If the smell is funky, it is an alert that something is wrong with the sample. Either it’s from the old batch of products, or this is a spoiled piece of herb. The look can also determine the quality of the leaf product. An unusually dark-colored leaf is a bad one. Always compare the smell of the fresh batch with the ones you already used. If there is a significant change, contact the vendor about the same. Also, do not forget to check the purity and quality mentioned on the label.


Most people suffer from the problem of body odor. It is a result of bacterial processes happening in the sweat. When the body odor grows unbearable, one must consult a doctor for the proper medication. Kratom is an earthy-smelling substance that often produces green tea leaves-like smell. It does not cause any good or bad body odor. The smell tells us about the quality of the Kratom strain. However, overuse of Kratom causes a change in urine smell and leads to bad breaths; hence, it is necessary to get a guide to Kratom strains before consumption. Avoid buying funky-smelling mitragynine products as these are outdated products