Dynamic Whole Wheat Pancakes/Waffles


I am sure everyone has tried and likes pancakes and waffles. But have you tried whole wheat pancakes or waffles? And not just whole wheat, but with protein in them, bananas, blueberries, pecans, pumpkin, raw honey ect. Normal pancakes or waffles you order at restaurants are made with regular enriched flour, and are usually made with butter or some type of oil. Not to mention the syrup they serve is loaded with sugars and carbs in just about ¼ of a cup. I know, I know they taste so good and all but they are bad for you, bottom line. With the Dynamic Whole wheat Pancakes/Waffles you get an amazing tasting pancake loaded with great ingredients and macronutrients depending on what you put in them. I know you are thinking what about my syrup though. Yes you can use syrup, but the sugar free kind that has some splenda in it. Now it doesn’t mean you should dump a third of the bottle on your pancakes, keep it moderate, trust me they are very tasty with just a little, and if you are not a syrup person, go for sugar free jelly.


Whole Wheat pancake mix (make sure under ingredients it says whole wheat flour and not enriched whole wheat flour)

Protein powder (optional)

1 whole egg

Blueberries or your choice of fruit

Water to mix the batter

Pecans or your choice of nuts (optional)

Ground cinnamon

Pam Spray to cook

How to prepare it:

(1) Large bowl (2) Add in pancake mix (3) Add in protein and water (4) Add in a egg (5) Add in pecans (6) Add in blueberries (7) Sprinkle cinnamon (8) Stir & mix (9) spray Pam on the pan and cook

*Serving sizes:

1/3 cup of Whole Wheat Pancake mix

½ to 1 cup of water

1 scoop of protein

1 whole egg

1 ounce blueberries

1 ounce pecans

Add cinnamon to your taste preference





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