Dynamic Turkey Tenderloin Strips








Are you a fan of Chicken strips? But you know how greasy and bad they are for you. Well let us introduce to you our “Dynamic Turkey Tenderloin Strips.” These Turkey Tenderloin Strips are loaded with lean quality protein, taste amazing, and define the word “Tender.” The beauty of this recipe is that it is very versatile and can be made many different ways. The Dynamic Turkey Tenderloin Strips can be used in a meal, as appetizers, or even as your protein source for your pre and post workout meals. Give this recipe a try and enjoy the tenderness in this high quality source of protein.


Lean turkey tenderloin cut (leanest cut available)

Garlic Oil

Santa Maria style seasoning

Garlic powder

Minced garlic

Sea salt

How to prepare it:

1)   Slice turkey tenderloin breast into strips or cubes 2) Get a large mixing bowl 3) Roll the strips or cubes into some garlic oil so the seasonings will stick 4) add seasonings 5) fry those babies on a pan until golden brown & enjoy!



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