“Dynamic Shrimp” Recipe


DDT Peeps, hope you all are hungry? For all of you seafood lover’s out there, you will truly enjoy this recipe. Without wasting any more time, we bring you the “Dynamic Shrimp” recipe. Now, we know you can get shrimp pretty much anywhere, but at what cost? Restaurants over price their shrimp and 9 out of 10 times they are going to saturate it with unhealthy, high calorie ingredients. So why not make it in the comfort of your own home and feel satisfied knowing what you exactly put in it. Also, shrimp is an excellent protein source to have along with your other macronutrients. Enough with all the mumbo jumbo, go try this Bomb.com recipe out!


Wild Caught Pink Shrimp (whole foods)

Honey and Soy Cooking Sauce (whole foods)

1 Tablespoon Garlic Oil (whole foods)

Chopped up onions

Chopped up garlic

Seasonings (see video)


How to prepare it:



Macronutrient numbers:

4 oz of shrimp:

Protein- 18g      Carbs- 2g     Fat- 1.5g

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