Dynamic Shredded Chicken


Everyone loves them some chicken…Right? Well that all depends on how you are making it because chicken can be pretty bland and boring. But when you come to the DDT kitchen you know it aint boring! With this chicken recipe we give you a high-quality protein source that you can have pre/post workout or pretty much with any meal of the day. Also, you can have this with plenty of good carb sources and good fats. Feel free to tweak the ingredients up if you like. Enjoy!


Skinless/Boneless chicken breast

Chopped up Oranges/Lemons/Grapefruits

Chopped up onions

Chopped up basil

Minced lemon

El pato sauce

Tapatio 😉


Black pepper

Red pepper (Cayenne pepper)

Garlic powder

Blended seasoning (21 salute from Trader Joe’s)


See video for instructions!

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Part 2:



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