Dynamic Nachos

Who’s ready for some “Dynamic Nachos?” With Football season starting soon, it’s only fitting to post a recipe like this, and of course it’s a healthier version of nachos. The best part about these “Dynamic Nachos” is that you can have them as a meal, an appetizer, or for any family gathering to share. Your typical nachos consist of very cheap cheese, meats, and fattening sour cream. Not these ones baby! Please check out the ingredients below and feel free to even experiment by making your own healthy “Dynamic Nachos.” Enjoy Peeps!


3.5 oz Gras Fed Beef or Very Lean Ground Beef 85-90%

2 Whole Wheat Tortillas

1 serving Low-fat Mozzarella Cheese

2 TBSP Low-fat sour cream

2 TBSP Guacamole

½ Cup Black Beans

How to prepare it:

Check out the video!


Macronutrient numbers:

P- 46g  C- 62g  F- 20g


“Live a Dynamic Lifestyle”

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