Dynamic Low Carb Turkey BLT Wrap




What’s up peeps! We have a great old fashioned BLT for you guys to try. Just kidding, it’s not old fashioned, we always have to make it dynamic somehow and of course tasty! In this recipe we bring you the “Dynamic Low Carb Turkey BLT Wrap”. But in all honesty, how can you turn down a good old BLT? Enjoy the recipe ladies and gents!

Ingredients: (makes 1 wrap)

35g of Peppered Turkey Bacon

56g of Lean Honey Turkey Slices (from butcher)

28g of Low Fat Cheese

1 Low Carb-High Fiber Tortilla


Chopped Tomatoes

1 TBSP of Honey Mustard

Spicy Brown Mustard


How to prepare it:

Check out the video!


Macronutrient numbers:

Protein– 33g Carbs – 13g Fat– 10g Fiber– 8g



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