Dynamic Low Carb Lasagna


Mama Mia! Yo quiero Italiano! Ladies and gents, boys and girls, get ready for this month’s recipe and if you love some good ole Italian food please let us introduce to you the one and only “Dynamic Low Carb lasagna” recipe. Now, we know there are many great Italian joints to eat at and all, including the “Olive Garden”, but this recipe beats them all and for good reasons. When you go to an Italian restaurant do you know what they exactly put in there? Hidden ingredients, extra oils, and god knows what else. Well you see, here you have the healthy low-carb version and by making it yourself you have the liberty of knowing exactly what you put in it to make it pretty darn healthy and we gave you the macronutrients! If only these restaurants were to get a hold of this recipe, they would be put out of business because they couldn’t compete with our healthy ingredients. So, with that said, please try out this dynamic recipe and stay away from the Olive Garden.


90% Lean Ground Beef (1.5 lb)

Lavash Bread (4.5 oz)

Low Fat Mozzarella Cheese (10 oz)

Pepper jack cheese (14 oz.)

Whole “Classico Traditional Sweet Basil” Sauce (whole can)

Sliced mushrooms

How to prepare it:

Watch the video and enjoy!

Macronutrient numbers: In total lasagna layer

Protein- 405      Carbs- 194    Fat- 264

Depending on how you cut the entire lasagna layer:

6 slices:

Protein- 67      Carbs- 32    Fat- 44

8 slices:

Protein- 50      Carbs- 24    Fat- 33

10 slices:

Protein- 40      Carbs- 20    Fat- 26


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