Dynamic Healthy Quesadillas


  Oh my lawd! Who’s ready for a spicy famous Latin dish? For this month’s recipe we bring you the “Dynamic Healthy Quesadillas.” We really hope all of you know what a Quesadilla is, if not, no worries we promise you will love them. The best part about this recipe is that you can get creative and make it many different ways with different ingredients. We chose to use chicken which is a high quality lean protein source along with high fiber tortillas and black beans that are also packed with nutrients. So give this recipe a shot and please share your comments or take some pics and show us how it turned out via social media. Enjoy peeps!

Ingredients: Lean chicken breast strips or cubes Whole wheat or whole grain tortillas Cuban style or regular black beans Low-fat mozzarella cheese Low-fat sour cream Avocado slices Grilled onions Chopped lettuce Tapatio sauce or salsa of your choice   How to prepare it:

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