Dynamic Healthy Burgers


I am sure everyone has tried and likes a nice juicy Hamburger. But have you tried a Dynamic Healthy Burger is the question? And not just healthy, but very tasty and will satisfy your tummy. The Dynamic Healthy Burger beats any In and Out, Carl’s JR, Jack in the Box Hamburger any day and any time J A traditional burger from those joints are very tasty I must say, but they are garbage health wise and that’s the bottom line. Their meat is cheap, processed, and probably injected with some sort of chemicals, thank the FDA for that. Some actual sit down restaurants have some descent burgers you can order, depending on where they get their meat from. So, if you are craving a burger, go to a restaurant instead of a fast food joint. So without further ado, we are proud to present the “Dynamic Healthy Burger”. You can thank us later! Peace and Enjoy!


100% Gras Fed or anything under 10% Lean Ground Beef

Whole Wheat or Sprouted Buns

Pepper Jack Cheese

Grilled Onions

BBQ Sauce, Organic Honey Mustard, and any other condiments

Pam Spray to cook or BBQ them

How to prepare it:

1) Marinate the beef with seasonings of your choice and then grill or cook 2) Grill onions 3) Slightly toast buns 4) Put your preferred condiments 5) Grub and enjoy!



“Live a Dynamic Lifestyle”