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Welcome ladies and gentleman to the Dynamic Duo 2013 Summer Transformation Contest.  Dynamic Duo Training is proud to be offering an online 6 week Transformation Contest for the 2013 Summer.

With all the cold and rainy weather gone, its a perfect time to get in shape this summer. If you are looking to take a step in the right direction and better your lifestyle then this challenge is for you. The Dynamic Duo 2013 Summer Transformation Contest will make you feel accountable, fun, sexy, strong, and most importantly it’ll give you the tools to Living a Dynamic Lifestyle!

The Training regimen will be catered towards a gym setting, in your home, or anywhere outside to enjoy some fun in the sun. Not only are you going to be shedding pounds, you will be putting on muscle mass as well, and learning how to eat better every day. Throughout the challenge we will be providing a generous amount of content such as: Videos, education, motivation, emails, discounts on Max Muscle products, and more        (see below). Look no further ladies and gents… Let’s start this Summer off together with a BANG!


Please take a moment to see what past participants had to say about our 6 week challenges as well as all the details about the 2013 Summer Contest

Hey there everybody! My name is Mike LeCompte Sr. aka Bigg Mike. My whole life I’ve always been the chubby kid. Well Jan. 9th 2012 I had reached my top weight of 282.3 pounds! Dynamic Duo Training offered me the opportunity to be involved with their 2012 weight loss challenge. I gladly accepted, I am a competitor, and I also needed to change bad habits in my life. I ended up winning the 6wk challenge, it was an amazing feeling. I was 282lbs and lost 15lbs in 6wks. It is now Dec. And on Jan 9th it will be a year since I have had a cigarette. Thank you Dynamic Duo! I had also struggled with alcohol and during this journey I had not had a drink of alcohol for 8 months. Chris and Eric set a standard for me and I successfully surpassed my “Ultimate goal of 220lbs.” I made it to 217!!! It took me 9 months of hard work and dedication. Thank you Dynamic Duo for everything!

Mike LeCompte           


Starting the 6 week challenge with Dynamic Duo Training was one of the best things I could have done. It took me to another level. During the six weeks Chris and Eric were always very supportive and informative. When I received the package I was scared, I had never really lifted weights or done some of the workouts they recommended, but patiently they answered all of my million questions. I liked that they suggested good supplements and had choices of meals and ideas. I was very motivated to do well and loose inches as well as weight and I did. It really encouraged me to join a gym and feel confident in the weight room. Since then I have been “Training LOCA!” I am thankful to have found DDT they have taken my body to a new level!

Ruth Cervantes      


A year ago I came across the DDT page on Facebook and decided to sign up for the New Years Challenge. I was really impressed with all the material they provided me with to support me in the challenge. I learned very fast how my everyday eating should be like in order to have a healthy and strong body. They also put together a weekly plan for my workouts and sent me videos explaining each of the exercises. I found it very easy to follow the eating and workout plans. They really do give you the tools to succeed. I also loved how easy and fast the trainers responded to any questions I had. They were really there to support me and motivate me reach my goal. A year later I’m still able to keep off the weight I lost and then some. There is so much information out there that people get confused and overwhelmed, but after this experience I walked away confident and knowing all I really needed to know. I make a lot more conscious decisions now. I recommend giving the challenge a try. If you commit to it and follow the plan, you will not only see results but will feel so much healthier. 

Teresa Rodriguez                photo (24)

Eric and Chris are one of the most influential people in my life. It all started with a video I saw of them explaining their 6 week summer challenge. It was perfect since I had been trying to get in shape for the longest time but was not succeeding. Before I had false advice as to how I should do it or like they like to call it “BS!” I saw way more results with this challenge than any other thing I was trying. To my surprise I wasn’t starving myself! Most important it was useful information I could always refer to. After doing this challenge I realized I could trust them. I decided to invest and train with Eric. It has been one of the best decisions I could have ever made. I can sit here and write a whole essay on how great their work is but to make it short. You will never meet trainers that are more passionate, dedicated, and honest.

Sandra Velasquez        


 Heather Wilson Banks

I had worked out prior to the contest but did not have a consistent routine. It was nice having a plan of what I needed to accomplish every day. I also felt accountable for doing my workouts and sticking to the diet. It was hard at times but I’m glad I did it!  


Rules and Guidelines:

  • Start Date- June 10th
  • End Date- July 22nd
  • Both women and men can participate
  • Age 15 and up to participate
  • Amount of participants: We need at least 10

Grand Prize:

  • Grand prize: 1 month free online or 1:1 training services with DDT and a gift card and gear from Max Muscle Marin ($200 value)

Contest Price: 

  • Contest Price $50 (Early Bird special $40, Ends June 3rd)


How We Validate The Results-

  • June 10, in the morning, participants will take a front view picture holding that day’s newspaper (front page). This will help us see where you are starting
  • With that we will need your body weight & basic measurements (i.e., neck, waist, hips)
  • July 22, in the morning, participants will take a front view picture holding that day’s newspaper (front page). With that we will need your personal weight tracking sheet &  measurements
  • We will then determine the winner by pictures, weight loss, and measurements

What We Will Provide You With Throughout The Contest

  • You will have email access to ask us questions pertaining nutrition program and workout routine throughout the 6 week challenge
  • You will be provided with password protected videos (examples of workouts, dieting, motivation, tips, etc.)
  • You will get constant motivational emails from us
  • You will get a weekly blog and WORD of the week
  • We will provide you with a nutrition program plus a video showing how to portion your meals, upper and lower body workout routine plus a video showing how to do the workouts, HIIT cardio and stretching templates, registration form, and a personal weight tracking sheet
  • Personal face book group access for participants only
  • 20-50% off of Max Muscle products


 Let us Help You Get Sexy in 6 Weeks!


To register or for any further questions about the contest please contact us via email at [email protected]


“Live A Dynamic Lifestyle”

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