Dynamic Cottage Cheese Dessert


Now I’m sure you’ve tried all sorts of delicious desserts, but let’s be honest, a good majority of them are high in fat, high in sugars, poor quality carbohydrates, and low in protein. There are always alternatives though and this is why we would like to share a healthy dessert recipe that we created with you. The “dynamic cottage cheese dessert” is a healthy-nutrient valued dessert. This contains a high quality lean protein source, good quality carbohydrates, high in fiber, and quality essential fats. Give this a try and I guarantee that sweet tooth will be cured!


Fat free or low-fat cottage cheese

Whole rolled oats or granola oats

Blueberries or your choice of fruit

Raw Honey or sugar free jelly

Pecans or your choice of nuts

Ground cinnamon

How to prepare it:

(1) Large bowl (2) Add in cottage cheese (3) Add in raw honey (4) Add in oats (5) Add in pecans (6) Add in blueberries (7) Sprinkle cinnamon (8) Stir & mix   (9) Devour!

*Serving sizes:

1 cup fat free cottage cheese

2 servings of whole rolled oats

1 ounce blueberries

1 tbsp of raw honey

1 ounce pecans

Add cinnamon to your taste preference


Macronutrient numbers:

Protein- 50g  Carbs- 95g  Fat- 23g  Fiber- 15g


*Please keep in mind that these serving sizes are tailored to my macronutrient numbers and my goals. Adjust accordingly to your body type and goals.




“Live a Dynamic Lifestyle”