Dynamic Brown Rice


I hate brown rice! Brown rice sucks! It has no taste! How do you eat that stuff! These are all the things we’ve heard when it comes to brown rice. Lol. But…We can’t blame these people because they didn’t know how to make it “Dynamic!” So let us present to you a recipe that will make your brown rice an amazing experience along with reaping the benefits from this solid complex carbohydrate source. Enjoy!



100% Brown Rice

Chicken broth

Garlic pepper seasoning

Chopped onion seasoning

Garlic salt

However many cups of rice your making, double that with cups of water. Ex) 3 cups of rice, so add 6 cups of water. Make sure to count chicken broth as water measurements.

Put all of it in a rice cooker!


How to prepare it:

Watch the video and enjoy!


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