Dietetics Student to the Bikini Stage- Interview with Lacey Dunn


DDT: Could you give us a little background info on who Lacey Dunn is?

Lacey: I am a fitness addict and crazy cat lady studying Dietetics at the University of Georgia! I am a PEScience athlete, Ravish Sands Athlete, and Team Family member! I have a huge passion for fitness, nutrition, and God and my main goals in life are to help as many people as I can help reach their goals and learn about balance and self love (: I was born in Birmingham, AL and raised in Peachtree City, GA, where I cheered both in school and all-star cheer my whole life!


DDT: What got you inspired and into the fitness-health industry?

Lacey: I started to lift to make the UCF D1 Cheerleading Team, which I thankfully made my freshman year of college. I then completely fell in love with lifting and it became my new passion! I started to follow competitors on social media like Jen Jewell, Alicia Coates, Jamie Eason, Ashley Kaltwasser, and more that inspired me so much to take a leap and step on stage myself! I wanted to show and prove that you can compete in a healthy and balanced way. I posted my journey on social media, sharing my thoughts, my beliefs, and made it my goal to not only try and help people reach their physical fitness goals, but help them strengthen their minds, hearts, and souls. As I was preparing for my first show, I realized my calling was in the field of nutrition, and then decided to transfer to UGA to become a Registered Dietitian! After doing so, I was beyond blessed to be asked to be a Pescience Athlete, and then made the top 5 for the Bodyspace Search, which led to becoming a member of their Team (: I have been so blessed to have these amazing opportunities come my way and I can only credit following God’s plan for me and the passions he set in my heart for them.


DDT: Can you tell us about your experience with your Bikini competitions and any tips for a first time competitor?

Lacey: I love competing and think it’s such a blast! It’s so much fun to go up there all glammed up, showing off your hard work! I have coached myself and have always done a macro based plan, keeping balance the whole way. I don’t believe in restricting foods, doing lots of cardio (I did none for all my last preps!), or taking drastic measures. My biggest tip is to go up on stage confident in yourself and your body. When you compete, you have to do it for you and go up there with the body you love. And be proud of it. Don’t compare yourself to the other ladies. You have to know in the end that it’s just a judge’s opinion of you. One that can change just because they don’t like your suit color or maybe they didn’t even look at you that day because they were tired (happens at National shows easily). You have to remember it’s YOUR body and YOUR opinion of yourself that matters.

I also suggest to first time competitors that they do their research, and find a coach that they can trust. Reach out to past clients or athletes and get feedback. If you do your prep yourself, reach out to other ladies that have done so. There are so many people that share their journeys online- you just have to take the time to watch/read! Give yourself plenty of time to prep and know that it’s okay to push a show back if you aren’t ready. Take things slow and save that metabolism and body (:


DDT: You are a sponsored athlete by PEScience, can you give us a bit more info on what a sponsored athlete does?

Lacey:  A sponsored athlete represents the company and is a face for their brand. As a PES athlete, I support and share my love for the company and their products. They are my family, and I 100% believe in them. I work expos for them and represent them not only on social media, but daily in life!!


DDT: You are very active with your Youtube channel, can you tell us what your vision is with this going forward?

Lacey: I wouldn’t say “very active” ha, I’ve slacked majorly with school being busy!! I do want to be more active though, and be able to use it as a tool to reach and help more people with their fitness and life goals. I want to share knowledge, share life lessons, and do MY best to help others be their best!


DDT: Can you tell us what your daily rituals and habits look like?

Lacey: My daily life is basically the same: Eat, School, Play with my cat, Eat, Workout, Eat, Study, Sleep! Then wake up the next day and do it again! As a student, I am very busy but I am happily at school studying what I love.




DDT: At times life throws challenges at you to test your mental toughness and heart as a person. What has been your biggest challenge in life and how did you overcome it?

Lacey:  One of my biggest challenges was when I transferred to UGA for Dietetics. I had gone to my orientation from Orlando, thinking I would be there for 3 days. While I was there, I was told I had to retake my Chemistry classes or I would be a whole semester behind. I had to stay at UGA with all my stuff back in Orlando for over a month and a half. I was hopping apartments from my sisters, to her friends, to other friends. It was hard to adjust and living out of a suitcase was interesting. I was able to push through it, even prepping while it was happening!! It for sure taught me that I am stronger than I think and helped me learn how to cope better with situations that through a curve ball in life.


DDT: What are your future plans with competing and other areas of interest?

Lacey: I want to compete sometime this Summer, but my current plans are to focus on school and finishing my degree and starting my Dietitic internship. I want to also get my PT certificate so that I can start taking more online clients! I do take clients now, but I always make sure to let them know that I am not yet certified and do this based off of my own research and experience. Competing wise- I would love to do Nationals again!


DDT: If your brand was gone, Youtube channel was erased, your followers left, and all your content was deleted… you have a piece of paper in front of you and it was the final moment and you had to write 3 truth’s you knew were to be true and this was your final message to the world, what would those 3 truths be??

Lacey:  Just because my social media was gone, it would not be my final message to the world. Because I am able to help people in daily life! But here are 3 truths from me-

  1. I will forever be a child of God and live for him- to spread his love.
  2. I will always put my health and happiness first over any physical goal.
  3. I will always do my best to help others and love and support them- no matter if they want it or not.


Fun Time!


DDT: What is your favorite lift and why?

Lacey: I LOVE lateral raises. I am obsessed with drop sets lateral raises and the pump and burn you get.


DDT: Where is your one travel destination that you would want to go to?

Lacey: New Zealand hands down. That’s the first place to go on my bucket list! It looks so beautiful with so much to do and see.


DDT: Your favorite controlled-indulgence meal is______?

Lacey:  I don’t believe indulging would be indulging if it was controlled. I also don’t like to use terms like that that can possibly give any foods a label! I would rather have a free meal, enjoying something like fajitas or enchiladas! I also love anything and everything sweet!


DDT: What does Lacey like to do for fun? Please don’t hold back on us 😉

Lacey: I honestly find working out and lifting fun!! That, along with playing with my cat would be my top two fun things to do. I love traveling, going to expos, and doing photoshoots when I have the time!


DDT: We wanted to take a moment and acknowledge you for all the awesome work you do in this industry and you are a true inspiration. Where can our readers and supporters follow you and your work?

Lacey: Aw thank you so much!

Instagram: @faithandfit

Facebook: FaithandFit Lacey

Twitter: @laceyadunn

Email: [email protected]

Bodyspace: Faithandfit

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