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Hello folks. We have been getting many questions about our online training services. So we will break it down as best as possible and explain why our online services are very beneficial.

For starters, it doesn’t matter where you live, we can help anyone and anywhere as long as you have full access to the World Wide Web. Our online training services first consist with a full detailed questionnaire about your prior experience with training/nutrition, your goals, activity levels, health issues, and much more.

Once the questionnaire has been filled out, we both evaluate it, and then we do an initial 30 minute phone consultation or Skype consultation to get a better understanding of your questionnaire answers and to connect with you live.

After discussing your questionnaire via the consultation we will have you choose what payment plan/package works best for you and your financial status. Trust us here, our prices are more than generous and we also have student discounts for those in school J

Once you choose your payment plan/package we will then do a full body assessment via Skype or if you are in our area even better we can assess you at the private gym we train at. After the full body assessment, we will then build your training protocol and attach all of our training tutorials that we made on our YouTube channel so that you can view these at your gym. We will build your nutrition program depending on what your answers were to the questionnaire and this will be tailored soley for YOU.

You may be asking, ok then what’s next? It’s very simple, after we build your program; you get after it and update us weekly with various questions we provide you. Depending on your goal and progress, we make changes to your nutrition or training protocol. We do once a month phone calls to make sure you are on track with everything and for motivational/emotional support. Also, you have the luxury of emailing us as many questions as you want to better educate yourselves or just pick our brains.

So why do we suggest you try our online training services. Simply because it is at a very reasonable price, our training and nutrition programs are effective, our programs are tailored for JUST YOU, we provide tons of videos and templates to make your program that much easier, we deliver world class value, and we care about your success.

It can be very frustrating getting a personal trainer at a big box gym, not to mention there usually just in it to make a quick buck for 50 minutes. We also understand not everyone has the luxury to pay for a personal trainer and not everyone has time to make a bunch of training sessions.

With that said, if our services sound right for you. Please give us a chance to help you reach your fitness goals. We have many testimonials from our previous clients that you can look at. We promise we only provide nothing but world class services and information to our clients.

If interested in online training, inquire by using “contact us” option or email us at [email protected] and we will send a current costs/packages sheet and questionnaire then set up a time for a phone/skype consultation.

Thanks for your time ladies and gentleman and we hope we can help you live a dynamic lifestyle and reach all of your goals.


“Live a Dynamic Lifestyle”

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