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Hello ladies and gents. Dynamic Duo Training is proud to present an all new “Glute Camp” here in 2013. If you are looking to get your glutes to salute, get them round, get them strong, get them sexy, and get them popping… then this glute camp is just for you!

The “DDT Glute Camp” will be held twice a week. Dates and times will be announced upon availability and upon how many people sign up for each class. We encourage those that are interested to not wait too long to sign up for your slot; they will be going fast due to only having limited space per class.

What Does the Glute Camp Offer:

  • Proper glute activation drills
  • Build muscle and shape your glute muscles the right way
  • Proper warm-up drills
  • Foam rolling techniques
  • And more….

DDT Glute Camp Cost:

  • $100 per person covers:

– 1 month of 2 sessions per week glute camp classes (total of 8 sessions)

Glute Camp Location:

  • Warehouse Fitness in Rohnert Park, CA
  • We’re looking to take 5 people per class (space is limited)


What to Bring:

  • Proper workout attire, towel, and water
  • Great attitude ready to have their booties burning



Again for those that are interested please email us at[email protected] slots will be filling up fast!


“Get Your Glutes To Salute!”

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