DDT Client- Henrik Kovak’s Journey

How’s it going ladies and gents! Today I’m excited to share my client Henrik Kovak’s fitness journey. Henrik first came to me with the goal of losing precisely 10 lbs to make weight for the 180 lb weigh class for powerlifting. He not only needed to shed 10 lbs, but he needed to do it in 12 weeks and most importantly retain his strength and power for his main lifts. He started at 189.8 lbs and ended up at 179.7 lbs, a rate of .8 lbs per week. He also lost 3 inches off his waist which in some cases could be counterproductive for powerlifters, but the slow weight loss rate and minimal cardio allowed him to still keep his strength, attenuate the interference affect, and even break personal bests on main lifts. He has been an awesome client since day 1 and I had the pleasure of working with him and helping him reach his exact goal 12 weeks later. See what Henrik has to say about his 12 week journey.

-Coach Chris

I joined Dynamic Duo Training three months ago in order to get help with my dieting. My main struggle was losing weight at a consistent level. My goal was to lose 1lb a week and it seemed impossible no matter what approach I took. I would lose multiple pounds one week and then I wouldn’t lose a single pound for a few weeks. These rapid drops of weight would leave me weaker and weaker, week by week. For someone training for powerlifting is a nightmare. When I inquired about DDT they gave me a proper assessment and paid proper attention to all my individual needs. My goal was still to lose 1lb a week, and through my personalized macros I was able to do just that. DDT made it very easy and non-complicated. They gave me a very simple to follow guide and were able to respond on an extremely timely manner any day at anytime, truly world class service. With the adjustments that DDT made to my diet I was able to consistently lose the weight, feel better than I would normally feel on a caloric deficit, break PRs on all my main lifts, and build confidence.

-Henrik Kovacs