April Baysinger’s Current Progress


How’s it going Train Loco readers, today we’d like to talk about our awesome client April Baysinger’s Off-Season progress.


When April first came to us she wasn’t following any type of Flexible Dieting approach. Her old nutrition program looked something like this:

–          Meal 1: 1 cup oats and egg whites

–          Meal 2: 1 cup Brown rice, chicken and veggies

–          Meal 3: 1 Cup veggies and Tilapia


So as you can see she was following a cookie cutter diet aka “Meal Plan.” So we made some changes based off her goals, activity level, current calorie intake, metabolism, schedule, and personal preferences.

We decided to start April on a Reverse Diet with Flexible Dieting Approaches and through 16 weeks these are her stats:

-Weight gained 1.3 pounds

-Lost 1 full inch off her waist

-Increased metabolic capacity by 300 calories

-Increased Strength and Hypertrophy while staying lean

-Minimal amounts of cardio

-All while eating more food than she ever has before

-Increased confidence, better food relationships, mental clarity, and overall health

For us the latter part of what April gained is most important. Life is too short to sit there and have bad relationships with foods, lack of self- image, and lack of confidence. It’s about living a well-balanced life and finding a plan that works for you that is sustainable and long-term while reaching your goals.

Super proud of April and this is only the beginning for her!



Eric and Chris Martinez



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