Overcoming Binge Eating and Yo-Yo Dieting…







Hey there ladies and gentleman! We are excited to share our client and friend, Ali Aimaq’s fat loss story with you. Ali came to us 5 months ago and he was stuck in a major rut. His nutrition looked like this:

  • Switching from Intermitent fasting, Yo-Yo dieting, Paleo, etc.
  • Binge eating
  • Restricting foods
  • Not eating late at night
  • Skipping his pre/post workout meals
  • No meal structuring or spacing strategy in place


His mind wasn’t in the game, he was frustrated, and his training and cardio routine looked like this:

  • Couple days out of the week doing cross fit
  • Couple of spin classes here and there
  • Couple of pick up games of basketball a night
  • Some weight lifting here and there

Basically no strategic plan in his training or periodization. If there was one word to sum up Ali’s current fitness program it would be “Lost.”

So, Ali told us how much weight he ideally wanted to lose, showed us pictures of how lean he wanted to be, how many days/hours per week he could train, and then we dug deep into his current nutrition. 20 weeks later the “Lost” Ali, found the new and improved Ali! He was training on a non-linear periodized training protocol, he was doing 2 days of high intensity cardio, he incorporated flexible dieting, and he absolutely flourished with everything!

After 20 weeks:

  • He lost 25 lbs
  • He lost 6 inches off his waist
  • He kept the majority of his strength
  • He actually increased some muscle mass
  • He never had to restrict the foods he liked, if we remember, he loved his waffles during dieting 🙂

It has been an honor coaching Ali and we are extremely proud of him and being part of his journey.



See what Ali had to say about his fitness journey …


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