4 Non-Surgical Ways To Reduce Back Pain

4 Non-Surgical Ways To Reduce Back Pain


Back pain is a common condition affecting over eight perbmcent of adults worldwide. People working long hours at their desks and practicing other sedentary activities are more at risk. Chronic back pains come in various forms, and most severe cases require surgical operations. However, many victims prefer alternative solutions for fear of going under the knife. Here are four non-surgical ways to reduce back pain.

1. Supplements

Relieving your back aches has a lot to do with nutrition. Eating junk, oily and sugary foods can aggravate muscle inflammation, whereas leafy and whole grains make tensed muscles flexible, reducing back pain. Various studies suggest food supplements like omega three fatty acids as effective pain relief.

Many traditional Ancient cuisines use various healthy ingredients, including turmeric and curcumin supplements, which might help heal the pain. Other options, including cannabidiol (CBD), may help with back pain and other chronic pain conditions.

CBD products have become easily accessible, and you can get some online after a quick Google search. For instance, searching for “CBD gummies UK” can bring various gummy flavors and size options. Ensure all products you choose have approval from the food and drug administration of your country, and also liaise with a doctor to identify which supplement option will work best for your back pain condition.

2. Physical Therapy

Many back pain victims prefer managing their conditions with a physical therapy routine. Physical therapy is effective, sustainable, and convenient. Physiotherapists tailor therapy routines based on your preference or the severity of your condition. You can try aerobic exercises. According to the Arthritis Care and Research Journal, aerobic routines can ease the spine and lower back muscles of stiffness and pain.

Health researchers recommend yoga routines as an effective pain relief option for back pain patients. Practicing your yoga poses with deep breathing exercises twice a week can put patients in a relaxed state, making pain easier to manage.

3. Meditation

Many people know about the endless benefits of meditation when managing depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Meditating for physical pain relief can be your best bet if you want to speed up your lower back pain healing process. This is because a huge part of your lower back pain has to do with your brain’s endurance to pain.

Meditation strengthens your inner self to perceive pain differently. Various forms of mediation exist, from hypnosis to mindful meditation, which instantaneous benefits. Hypnosis involves verbal repetition and mental images to put pain victims into a trance. It diverts a person’s concentration away from pain and works on the brain creating an analgesic effect that numbs the pain.

4. Massage

Massage comes in various forms. The slow and deep strokes massage therapists use can lighten tensed muscles and promote blood circulation. The consistency with which therapists recommend their massage sessions can fast-track pain management, making it one of the most preferred pain relief remedies.

Generally, surgeries can be risky and capital intensive. You can try these non-surgical pain management solutions and treat surgery as a last resort.