35 “LOCO” Good Articles and Videos



Weeks of March 17- April 13

WHAT’S UP LOCO READERS! We know it’s been close to a month since we did our good reads blog, but we’ve been extremely busy. But… we do have 35 CRAZY good articles and videos from the past month for you to catch up on. Have a great week and Train Loco!

1. The Beginning by Kathryn Hirt

2. Lifting Heavy Weights vs. Corrective Exercise-Finding a Balance by Eric Cressey

3. Muscle Memory Solved by Anoop

4. Nutrition Basics by Nate Miyaki

5. 6 Tips for People Who Stand All Day by Eric Cressey

6. Strength of Evidence Episode 5

7. Prevent a Slowing Metabolism: Understanding Metabolic Slowdown and Adaptation by Cliff Wilson

8. Direct Abdominal Training by Eric Helms

9. Why Speed Work Doesn’t Work by Mike Tuchscherer

10. Biolayne Video Log 4- Supplements by Layne Norton

11. Mobility 101 by Eric Helms

12. How to Make a Sandbag for Strength and Conditioning by Doug Fioranelli

13. Dynamic Effort Training: BS or Legit? By Bret Contreras

14. Why is There a Sticking Region in the Bench Press by Chris Beardsley

15. The China Study Fact or Fallacy by Denise Minger

16. Interview with Bret Contreras by Kyle Bohannon

17. What’s the Best Strength to Cardio Ratio to Become Big, Buffed, and Strong? By Professor Andro

18. Brink Zone Radio: The Fat Burning Zone for Weight Loss: Myth or Science by Will Brink

19. Perfection by Brooke Erickson

20. Muscle College Episode 4

21. So You Want to Be a Fitness Professional by Tony Gentilcore

22. 7 Steps to a Flexible Diet by Nate Miyaki

23. Long Live Static Stretching by Ben Bruno

24. Does Adding Aerobic Exercise to Resistance Training Increase Muscle Growth? By Brad Shoenfeld

25. Best Dang Exercises To Build A Better Body And Be More Awesome – Chest, Shoulders, Back & Abs by Nia Shanks

26. Hip Thrust and Glute Science by Bret Contreras

27. In the Exercise Lab with Dr. Jacob Wilson

28. Cardio on Leg Day?

29. 5 Mistakes I Made as a Trainer and Coach That You Should Avoid by Tony Gentilcore

30. Enough is Enough – The Scientific Truth on 10 Popular Fat Burners by Sol Orwell

31. Glutes glutes and more glutes by Bret Contreras

32. 4 Things I’ve Stolen From Cross Fit by Dan Trink

33. New Uses for Creatine by Sol Orwell and Kurtis Frank

34. WTF? By Todd Durkin

35. The Science Behind Eating Disorders by Sohee Lee



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