Weeks of August 27- September 30

WHAT’S UP LADIES AND GENTS!  We have another LOCO list  of good articles, videos, and podcasts to get you educated from some of the best folks in the industry!

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Train hard, eat world class, and be relentless!

Interview with Mike Samuels on IIFYM by Adam Foster

Is D Aspartic Acid Really a Testosterone Booster in Young Men via Applied Muscle Science

Jon Goodman on Crossfit

What Have Natural Lifters Achieved? By Eric Helms 3DMJ

Why I Stopped Reverse Dieting and Then Started Again by Kim Fairbrother

Protein Supplement Scams with Shawn Wells and Laurent Bannock

How to Coach the Deadlift Set up by Eric Cressey

A Little Paint Can Open Your Eyes by Doug Fioranelli

The Effects of Sitting at Work by Jaime Flynn

How to Start a Fitness Blog by Jon Goodman

The Middle Aged Muscle Building Manifesto by Mike Samuels  

The Facts About Caffeine by Will Brink

Alberto Nunez on Powerlifting Meet Prep & 1RM Testing Via Andrea Valdez

Health and Fitness Power Rankings: Diet Wars by Adam Bornstein

How Chronic, Prolonged Sitting Impacts Your Body- And What to Do About It Via Eric Cressey

High Carb vs High Fat Diets with Ben Pakulski and Jacob Wilson

Periodization Talk with Dr Mike Zourdos and Layne Norton

Supplements, HIIT, Metabolic Adaptation talk with Abbie Smith Ryan via Sigma Nutrition

Does the Menstrual Cycle Impair Training Performance by Joy Victoria

Brad Schoenfeld on the Science of Muscle Building via Scott Lardella

Leg Day with Coach Jon via Elite Conditioning

Fat Loss Mistakes (and how to lose weight for good) by Adam Bornstein

Nutrition for Bodybuilding Contest Preparation Via Laurent Bannock, Alan Aragon, Eric Helms & Peter Fitschen

Debunking Gluten, Paleo, Diet & Bodybuilding Supplements with James Krieger via Will Barron

Is a Calorie Really Just a Calorie by Mike T Nelson

Can You Get Fat in 3 Days by Adel Mussa Via SuppVersity

13 Exercises That’ll Floor You by Bret Contreras

Squat Patterning 101 by Tony Gentilcore

What it Takes to Break World Records by Greg Nuckols

Fitness and Menstrual Health by Spencer Nadolski

Meal Frequency and IIFYM by Mike Samuels