Weeks of May 29- June 25

WHAT’S UP LADIES AND GENTS!  We have another stacked line up this month that includes 30 LOCO good articles, videos, and podcasts to get you up to speed on some knowledge bombs!

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Train hard, eat world class, and be relentless!

10 Ways to Sustain a Training Effect in Your Strength and Conditioning Programs by Eric Cressey

How to Handle the Kettlebell by Tony Gentilcore

Top 5 Moves for Athletic Power by Mike Robertson

Should You Weigh Yourself Everyday by Kori Propst

Muscle Hypertrophy and Sports Nutrition talk with Bret Contreras and Stu Phillips

High Protein Diets- Just How High Can You Go? Interview with Jose Antonio

How Are Foods Calorie Free? Andrea Valdez Interviews the 3DMJ Coaches

Jim Stoppani Takes an In-Depth Look into Dr. Wilson’s HMB Study

Metabolic Myths Part 1 by Joe Klemczewski

High Protein Bulking Maximizes Muscle, Minimizes Fat Gain by Adel Mussa

Dr. Jacob Wilson Talks About His HMB Study with Superhuman Radio

HIIT vs LISS for Physique Athletes- Andrea Valdez Interviews Abbie Smith-Ryan

Breakfast is Not the Most Important Meal by Adam Bornstein

Training for Hypertrophy Slideshow by Chris Beardsley

The Guru Performance Podcast #2 With Laurent Bannock and Scott Robinson

Practical Blood Flow Restriction Training by Jeremy Loenneke

True or False: The Occasional Weekend Alcohol Binge Does not Hamper Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy, Will Not Decrease Testosterone and Cannot Impair Your Strength & Recovery by Adel Musa

Interview on Men’s Health with Alan Aragon

5 Proven Ways to Bust Through Any Fat Loss Plateau by Mike Samuels

The Cheap Ass Guide To Blagging Free & Cheap Gym Memberships by Adam Foster

The Latest Sports Nutrition Tips for Faster Fat Loss & Muscle Gain by Mike Nelson

A System for Getting Testimonials for Personal Training by Jon Goodman

Do You Need Supplements by Will Brink

This is How to Eat by Sean Hyson

The Spectacular “Stack Guides” by Examine.com via Sol Orwell

Leg Training with MI40 Nation Members by Ben Pakulski

The Unspoken Darkside to Training for Performance and Focusing on What Your Body Can Do by Nia Shanks

The Definition of a Successful Contest Prep by Alberto Nunez

Please..Come Touch Me by Todd Durkin