30 “LOCO” Good Articles and Videos



Weeks of Feb 24-March 16

WHAT’S UP EVERYBODY! We know it’s been 3 weeks since we did our good reads blog, but we’ve been LOCO busy. Good thing is we did it just in time for March Madness baby! Time to fill out your brackets ladies and gents. With that said, here are 30 CRAZY good articles and videos from the past 3 weeks. Have a great week and Train Loco! 

  1. What Are the Best BCAA Food Sources? By Mike Roussell
  2. Layne Norton & Ben Pakulski @ ISSN 2013 by Paul Revelia
  3. Alberto Nunez on IIFYM/Flexible Dieting
  4. The 10 Rules of Progressive Overload by Bret Contreras
  5. The Weight on the Barbell is Important-Not the Scale by Nia Shanks
  6. Training Program Design 101 by Jason Tremblay
  7. Mistakes I’ve Made- Macro Manipulation, Under-eating & Comparing Myself to others by Andrea Valdez
  8. A Little Tension Goes a Long Way: Part 1 by Doug Fioranelli  
  9. The Best Deadlift Coaching Cues that Work by Jim Smith
  10. Balancing Cardio and Caloric Intake (Fat Loss) by Eric Helms
  11. 4 Weeks to a Bigger Chest by Dan Trink
  12. 501 pound squat by Mike Zourdos
  13. Is it True There’s no Such Thing as an “Essential Carbohydrate?” by Tom Venuto
  14. Defining Natural Bodybuilding via Ryan Doris
  15. The Real Truth About Carbs by Adam Bornstein
  16. Strength of Evidence Podcast episode 4-The Paleo Diet
  17. Dealing with Asymmetries by Alberto Nunez
  18. 905 lb SQUAT!
  19. Adrenal Fatigue Does Not Exist
  20. Bodybuilding and Fitness Industry Extremism by Layne Norton
  21. The Role of Metabolic Stress in Muscle Growth by Brad Shoenfeld
  22. Sparing the Shoulders by Eric Cressey
  23. Protein Supplementation and Resistance Training: Worthwhile or Worthless by Dylan Klein
  24. T-Spine RX
  25. 2013 NSCA Conference: Looking Back at my Debate with Dr. Jeff Volek by Alan Aragon
  26. 12 Month Case Study on Competitive Drug-Free Natural Bodybuilder  
  27. Best Ways to make Dieting Easier by Joy Victoria
  28. The Real Way to Stop Eating Fast Food by Tom Venuto
  29. Your Top 12 Booty Q’s Answered! Interview with Bret Contreras 
  30. Arching vs Bracing by Mike Robertson  


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