3 Ways to NOT Lose Money as a Fitness Coach


Losing money, clients, having to cut back on expenses, and not feeling like you are moving the needle can become extremely frustrating and even have you contemplate quitting.

Truth is, all of this can be avoided going forward.

At the end of the day it’s little mistakes here and there that are costing you and you must take full responsibility for it as a business owner and fitness coach.

Do you want to know the BIGGEST MISTAKE most Fitness Coaches are making?




And we Don’t Want This to Be You!

We’ve been around the fitness industry for a decade and a lot of people TALK and TALK, but not enough FOLLOW THROUGH.


It’s easy to let your FOOT off the GAS PEDAL, especially in the FITNESS INDUSTRY once November and December hits.


These are considered the dark times of the fitness industry. They are very slow months due to the holidays, traveling obligations, lack of finances, and people’s mindsets are just not focused on their fitness goals.

We were guilty of this ourselves when we first started building our FITNESS COACHING BUSINESS. We should have used these months to plan for these DARK TIMES AND MOST IMPORTANTLY THE NEW YEAR when clients are more focused on their fitness goals and ready for their New Year and New Me Mindset 😊

It wasn’t until we invested in a coach, and he helped us see our blind spots we couldn’t see and realize how much we could get done throughout these 2 months, plan for the upcoming dark times, clarify our business and personal goals more, and set ourselves up to be in a better position to succeed come January.

Alright, pretty sure you see what we are saying here so let’s get into The 3 Ways To Not Lose Money As A Fitness Coach.



Take a weekend getaway by yourself or with your business partner, rent a nice hotel room or Air BnB, take a journal, and start brainstorming your personal, financial, relationship, career/business goals.


This is such a game changer in so many ways and we wish we would have done this years ago.

If you don’t create space for yourself what happens is as human’s we get caught up in the hamster wheel, rat race, aka grind mode and this shuts off our creative juices to innovate as coaches and business owners.

When you don’t have your creative juices flowing you make mistakes, don’t see your blind spots, you miss the boats on crucial opportunities, and you end up working in your business, not on it.

Take a day or weekend to Create Space for yourself Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually and we promise it will bring clarity and fresh ideas to your coaching business to create more revenue and get through the dark times.



We are not literally saying to create a war and havoc here lol!

What we mean by creating a war room is renting an office space with a white board and draw/white board all your upcoming ideas/goals/projects.

One of our mentors once told us he does this with his entire team and they all go to war with different ideas and concepts for their business and personal lives.

Pretty damn awesome if you ask us.

Just think about HOW OUTSIDE THE BOX THIS IS. You would come up with so many ideas by even just being in a quiet room alone white boarding all your thoughts, ideas, and more. There is literally no excuse to not do this folks.

In fact, during Thanksgiving when we were back home visiting family, we rented a room at the Local Library for 2 hours with a white board and went HAM!

We had so much clarity and ideas after those two hours it was insane.

So, make sure you are doing this at least every quarter within your business and make sure to do this 1-2 months prior to the months of November and December so you can set yourself up to make money during these dark times and come out strong the New Year 😉



This is probably the best Tip of the 3 that we can give you so please make sure you really take this into consideration. Experiment with hiring a coach to see your blind spots and help put you in a better position to succeed through the dark times and upcoming year.

One of our mentors once told us “We all have 2 things in common as humans. They are Blind Spots and Ego. And when you hire a mentor you push aside your ego and that mentor has a helicopter vision on your blind spots that you cannot see.”

These words have stuck with us ever since and this is exactly what we do with our Inner Circle students through our mentorship 😊

There was definitely a time where our ego got the best of us and we were so blinded. Once we asked for help and invested in ourselves and business the rest was history.

You are worthy of investing in yourself because you have so much value to offer your clients.

Why would you not want to invest in your business and accelerate the learning curve by hiring a mentor to help you? I don’t hear anything good objections, so I rest my case.

In a nutshell…

IT’S SIMPLE, KEEP your FOOT on the GAS PEDAL…Take ACTION…Don’t Make any EXCUSES…and set yourself up to KICK ASS during the dark times and the upcoming year within your FITNESS COACHING BUSINESS!

There really is no reason not to if you are a serious and talented fitness coach that wants to grow and sustain a business for the long haul.

Put these 3 Tips into ACTION folks.



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