29 “LOCO” Good Articles and Videos


Week of Nov 26-Dec 8

What’s up ladies and gents! Hope everyone had a great past couple of weeks. Here are 29 Crazy Good Articles and Videos from the past 2 weeks. There’s some really great info here so be sure to click the links and see if anything catches your attention. Have a great upcoming week and Train Loco and Loca!

  1. Conventional or Sumo Deadlifts? By Chris Beardsley
  2. Rows or Pull downs for Back Width? By Chris Beardsley
  3. Favorite Exercise For Strengthening Up The Back by Smitty Diesel
  4. 3 Moves To Bigger Shoulders by Joe Dowdell
  5. The Reason You May Not Be Getting Results and What To Do About It by Nia Shanks
  6. Squat and Deadlift Technique by Eric Cressey
  7. Why Do I Crave Comfort Food? By Mike Roussell
  8. 5 Weight Lifting Myths
  9. Shoes With a Heal Are a Must For Squatting
  10. Strength of Evidence Podcast III
  11. 4 Weeks to Bigger Legs by Dan Trink
  12. Awaken the Glute Monster by Dean Somerset
  13. The Myth of Neutral Spine by Mike Robertson
  14. Quick and Easy Ways to Move and Feel Better
  15. Benefits of The Barbell Hip Thrust by Kimberely Nunley
  16. Basic Screening and Assessment by Bret Contreras
  17. An Objective Look at L-Carnetine Supplementation for Fat Loss and Enhanced Performance by Dylan Klein
  18. This is Pretty Hilarious!!!
  19. What Do You Do When You Think You Might Be Injured? By Keith Scott
  20. How to Front Squat: Everything You Need to Know by Eric Cressey
  21. Powerlifting for Bodybuilders by Alberto Nunez
  22. In Pursuit of Great Coaching by Mike Robertson
  23. 4 Best Ways to Incorporate Core Exercises into Your Workout by Jim Smith
  24. What I Think About When I Think About Training by Jon Goodman
  25. The Contreras Files IV by Bret Contreras
  26. 13 Smart Ways to Boost Workout Intensity by Dave Smith
  27. Is it Dangerous to Squeeze the Glutes During Hip Extension Exercises? By Bret Contreras
  28. Metabolic Damage by Layne Norton
  29. Best Squat Depth for Glute Activation by Bret Contreras


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