29 “LOCO” Good Articles and Videos


Week of Dec 9-Dec 22

Happy Holidays ladies and gents! Hope everyone had a great past couple of weeks. Here are 29 CRAZY Good Articles and Videos from the past 2 weeks to get your education on! Have a great upcoming week, Train Loco and Loca, and Merry Xmas!

  1. Coffee Consumption and Health Part 1 by Brian St. Pierre
  2. Coffee Consumption and Health Part 2 by Brian St. Pierre
  3. Glute/Ham Raise Regression/Progression by Ben Bruno
  4. The Best Total Body Moves of All Time
  5. Muscle Activation in Sumo and Conventional Deadlifts by Chris Beardsley
  6. How the Body Fuels Exercise by Chris Beardsley
  7. Getting Injured, Recovering from Injury and Getting Stronger by Martin Rooney
  8. 7 Tips for Dominating Seminars by Mike Robertson
  9. What Should I Do if I Only Feel Hip Thrusts in My Quads? By Bret Contreras
  10. 5 Secret Neighborhood Mavens for Personal Training Referrals by Jon Goodman
  11. The Fish Oil Dilemma by Matt Perryman
  12. How do Standard and Hex Bar Deadlifts Differ? By Chris Beardsley
  13. How to Stick the Box Squat by Tony Gentilcore
  14. Want to Learn How to Squat? See What 14 Experts Have to Say
  15. 5 Killer Trap Bar Deadlift Variations by Ben Bruno
  16. 4 Best Mass Building Exercises for Triceps by Jim Smith
  17. Contreras Files V: 15 More Practical Tips by Bret Contreras
  18. Gutting The Glute-Ham Raise by Bret Contreras
  19. Stop Mocking the Gym Majors by Kevin Helliker
  20. Personal Trainers Shouldn’t Periodize by Jon Goodman
  21. Nutrition and Fitness Discussion with Layne Norton and Scott Baptie
  22. 17 Year Old Badass!
  23. Carbohydrates and Saturated Fats by Jeff Volek
  24. Eric Helms Discusses How Much Volume You Need
  25. You Are Not Overtrained by Mike Tuchscherer
  26. Lower Body Strength and Power Superset by Joe Dowdell
  27. 5 Tips for Bigger Deadlifts by Mike Robertson
  28. Why Girls Date Losers by Marc Lobliner
  29. Make Your Diet Fit Your Life by Sohee Lee


That’s it folks!


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