26 “LOCO” Good Articles and Videos

Dynamic Duo Training

Weeks of Oct 28- Dec 3

HOW’S IT GOING EVERYBODY! We have another  26 CRAZY good articles, videos, and podcasts for you to get your fitness learn on.

Train hard, eat world class, be relentless, and count your macros

Food: It’s Not Just Physical, It’s Psychological by Layne Norton

Westside Barbell Raw Lifting Q & A by Jordan Syatt

Why Even a Billion Dollars Can’t Buy You Self Control by Kori Propst

Quick Deadlift Setup Sequence to Stay Upright by Ben Esgro

Blood Flow Restriction Training with Jeremy Loenneke

Kettlebells for Young Athletes by Doug Fioranelli

Cleaning Up Your Chin-Up Technique by Eric Cressey

How an Inner Fat Kid Stopped Binge Eating by Richard Talens

The Biggest Weight Loss Myth of All Time by Tom Venuto

Dealing With Overweight and Obese Kids by Will Brink

Good vs Bad Exercises by Brad Schoenfeld and Bret Contreras  

Cardio Conundrum: Programming Cardio Training by The Strength Guys

Ben Pakulski and John Meadows Discuss Tom Platz Leg Training

Track Your Calories by Kelechi Opara

Escaping the Quicksand of Eating Disorders by Sohee Lee

Advanced 21’s for Hypertrophy by Nick Tumminello

Find Your Fight by Nate Miyaki

Take Care of Your Tight Hips…Like Now by David Martin

Binge Eating and Our Basic Needs: Break the Cycle by Kori Propst

Exercise Testing with a Metabolic Cart Via Mike T Nelson

 Tempo Training Discussion by Brad Schoenfeld and Bret Contreras

Blood Flow Restriction Training by Alberto Nunez

The Performance Bank: Overtraining or Progress by The Strength Guys

Train the Same by Tony Gentilcore

Cardio and Carb Cycling for Accelerated Fat Loss by Rob Riches

The Business Tasting Kitchen by Adam Bornstein