26 "LOCO" Good Articles and Videos


Week of Nov 12-25

WHAT IT DO peeps! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day and weekend. Here are 26 Crazy Good Articles and Videos from the past 2 weeks. Have a great upcoming week ladies and gents!

  1. Is an Exercise Science Degree Really Worth It? Part 1 By Eric Cressey
  2. Is an Exercise Science Degree Really Worth It? Part 2 By Eric Cressey
  3. 20 Almost Laws of Strength Training by Bret Contreras
  4. 8 Laws of Strength Training by Bret Contreras
  5. Do Pain Pills Impair Muscle Growth by Brad Schoenfeld
  6. 3 Ways Your Personal Trainer Steers You Wrong by Nick Tumminello
  7. 3 Myths of Scapula Exercises by Mike Reinold
  8. How To Fix The Most Common Workout Mistakes
  9. Are You using The Wrong Rep Speed in Your Workouts? By Jason Ferruggia
  10. The Conjugate System by Louie Simmons
  11. Why Women Should Lift Heavy Weights by Nia Shanks
  12. The Squat 4 Times Per Week Experiment by Tony Gentilcore
  13. LMFAO!!!
  14. Training The Unstable Client by Mike Robertson
  15. Good Deadlift Cue
  16. Glutes Gone Strong
  17. 5 Reasons To Use Speed Deadlifts In Your Strength Training Routine by Eric Cressey
  18. Girl Power
  19. 3DMJ Q & A session 1
  20. 3DMJ Q & A session 2
  21. 3DMJ Q & A Session 3
  22. The Best and Worst Sleeping Positions
  23. Training Round Table
  24. Squat Stance & Olympic Lifts by Greg Everette
  25. 13 Ways to Vary an Exercise by Jon Goodman
  26. Louie Simmons speaks about various strength & conditioning exercises


That’s all ladies and gents! Have a great week and don’t forget to TRAIN LOCO!


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