25 "LOCO" Good Articles and Videos


Weeks of Feb 10-23

HOWDY FOLKS! Hope everyone had a fantastic past couple of weeks and trained hard! Here are 25 CRAZY good reads and videos from the past 2 weeks. If none of these interest you then at least you can stare at this beautiful lady 25 times 😉

  1. Muscle: Shape, Attachments, and Potential by Alberto Nunez
  2. How I Ruined My Metabolism by Clare Ross
  3. Would You Sell Your Dog? By Todd Durkin
  4. Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy: How Important is Exercise Intensity by Jeremy Loenneke
  5. How Much Lean Mass do Bodybuilders Lose Preparing for Competition? By Chris Beardsley
  6. A Logical Argument Against the Tracy Anderson Method by Dean Somerset
  7. Hip Thrust PR
  8. Fine Tuning the Band Pull Apart by Eric Cressey
  9. Maximizing Your Metabolic Potential by Eric Helms
  10. How to Get Personal Training Clients with Jon Goodman
  11. Bodybuilding.com Interviews Ava Cowan as She Preps for the Arnold Classic
  12. How Many Carbs Per Day to Lose Body Fat by Nate Miyaki
  13. Muscle College Ep. 2 What exactly is Protein Synthesis by Layne Norton and Jacob Wilson
  14. 15 Static Stretching Mistakes by Eric Cressey
  15. Interview with Author and Editor-In-Chief of Bodybuilding.com Jeff O’Connell by Elliot Rivera
  16. Differences When Prepping a Female Client with Alberto Nunez and Natty Talk Radio
  17. My Journey of Pregnancy and Fitness by Isabel Norton
  18. 3 Experts- 5 Optimal Training Programs by Bret Contreras, Brad Schoenfeld, and Charles Staley
  19. Obliterating Your Weak Links By Lee Boyce
  21. What To Expect (In the Gym) When You’re Expecting by Tony Gentilcore
  22. Protein 101: How Much with Each Meal by John Berardi
  23. 120 Tips on Strength Training for Women by Bret Contreras
  24. The Best Deadlift Coaching Cues That Work by Jim Smith
  25. The Protein Guide: How Much Protein Should I Eat? By Sol Orwell & Kurtis Frank


That’s it folks! Have a great week and Train Loco!


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