24 "LOCO" Good Articles and Videos



Week of Dec 23-Jan 12

What’s up ladies and gents! Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. Here are 24 CRAZY Good Articles and Videos from the past 3 weeks that you may have missed out on! Have a great upcoming week and best of luck in 2013!

  1. Strength Training Programs: You Can’t Force Adaptation
  2. What is Strength and Why Do You Need It?
  3. Warm Up by Mike Robertson
  4. Fad Diets, Single Digit Body Fat, and Tricep Kickbacks with Alan Aragon
  5. Bigger Gains and the Best Exercise for Shoulders by Chris Beardsley
  6. Fish Oil Supplement Purity by Mike Roussell
  7. Red Velvet Cake Flavored Oatmeal by Alberto Nunez
  8. 4 Strength Training Tips You Won’t Find in Books by Smitty Diesel
  9. 6 Coaches Weigh In On Pull Ups
  10. Aerobic Vs Weight Training? By Tom Venuto
  11. Mini Cuts by Alberto Nunez
  12. 10 Stupid Things Coaches do by Bret Contreras
  13. Do Carbs Make You Fat? By Nate Miyaki
  14. Theoretical Discussion on Nutrition and Metabolism by Ben Esgro
  15. Coaches- The Good, The Bad, The Ugly by Layne Norton
  16. How Do Bodybuilders Really Eat and Train?
  17. Why I Train by Charles Staley
  18. Glute Activation and Training: Revised by Christine Beauchamp
  19. Fitness Reborn: The Real Way to Get Back in Shape by Adam Bornstein
  20. Cortisol and Muscle Building: Does it Even Matter? By Mike Roussell
  21. 5 Muscle Building Mistakes by Brad Schoenfeld
  22. How To Fix Glute Imbalances by Bret Contreras
  23. Layne Norton Video Log 11 Q & A
  24. Are Energy Drinks Really Dangerous? By Mike Nelson


That’s it folks! Have a great week and don’t be like this guy below 🙂 Instead Train Loco!


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