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WHAT’S UP LADIES AND GENTS!  We have another LOCO list  of good articles, videos, and podcasts to get you educated from some of the best folks in the industry!

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Out Supplement a Bad Diet By Jose Antonio

Insulin is not the Bad Guy with James Krieger via Guru Performance Podcast

The Cure for Skinny-Fat By Lou Schuler

Time Under Tension Training: Data vs Hype by Layne Norton

Bodybuilding, Training, Dieting, and more with Dr. Joe K via Simply Shredded

Are You Really Overtrainining? (Or Just a Little Sore) By Adam Bornstein

Should Women Squat if they Don’t Want Big Legs by Bret Contreras

Top 3 Compound Core Training Exercises for Abs by Nick Tumminello via Bret Contreras

Interview with Andrea Valdez via Shredded Nation

Nutrient Priming, Protein Synthetic Response & the Interference Affect with Lee Hamilton and Laurent


Does Reverse Dieting Really Work? An in-depth look with Real Client Case Studies

4 Simple Fat Loss Diet Tips for the Casual Gym Goer by Adam Foster

Are Hormones the Key to Weight Loss By Menno Henselmans

Competition Prep with John Meadows via Chris Dufey

Neurobiology of Obesity Discussion with Laurent Bannock and Stephan Guyenet

Can Grapes Help Amplify Muscle Pumps? Via MauriceBright.com

Keeping Things Simple…Ben Coomber Interviews Dan John

Flexible Dieting Made Flexible by Shredded by Science

Interview with Mark Bell via Rise Above Performance Training

Squat Mechanics: A Deep Analysis by Mark Rippetoe

The Fitness Industry is Failing by Jon Goodman via Layne Norton

The 5 Best Ways to Get Stronger by Mike Robertson

The Hormone Hypothesis with Dr. Stu Phillips via Guru Performance Podcast

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