23 “LOCO” Good Articles and Videos


Week of Oct 29-Nov 11

WHAT UP peeps! Hope everyone had a great and productive past couple of weeks. Here are 23 more Crazy Good Articles and Videos from the past 2 weeks that should get you thinking, raising eyebrows (even thicker ones than ours) and having you dance your asses off! Have a great week ladies and gents!

  1. Client Behavior Change by Mark Young
  2. Stu McGill Interview
  3. Good Podcasts with Bret Contreras
  4. 20 Glute Exercises
  5. How Do Rowing Exercises Differ?
  6. Detoxing products are BS!
  7. Advanced Glute Training by Bret Contreras
  8. 35 Essential Life Lessons by Bret Contreras
  9. 555 x 1 Hip Thrust!
  10. The Best Way to Deal With Common Food Allergies by Mike Roussell
  11. 10 Ways to Sustain a Training Effect in Your Strength and Conditioning Programs
  12. Layne Norton Q & A
  13. What to do between sets by Sean Hyson
  14. 5 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Stronger by Eric Cressey
  15. 3 Tweaks That Will Revolutionize Your Workouts by Charles Staley
  16. Lean Gains Part 4 by Alberto Nunez
  17. Sissy Exercises That Aren’t by Ben Bruno
  18. Training Structures For Natural Bodybuilders by Jason Tremblay
  19. MAX Muscle Plan by Brad Schoenfeld
  20. Keys To Happiness by Ryan Doris
  21. 6 DEEP rules by the Terminator
  22. Tips For a Badass Bench Press by Tony Gentilcore
  23. Up to 653 Million Views and almost 4.8 Million “Likes.” You kidding me!


That’s all ladies and gents! Have a great week and don’t forget to TRAIN LOCO!


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