Weeks of October 29-November 30

WHAT’S UP LADIES AND GENTS!  We have another LOCO list  of good articles, videos, and podcasts to get you educated from some of the best folks in the industry!

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What Can Be Achieved as a Natural Bodybuilder by Eric Helms Via AARR

Blood Flow Restriction Training with Jeremy Loenneke via Jmax Fitness

How to Correctly Perform Band Assisted Pull Ups by Nia Shanks

Simplifying Your Squat and Deadlift by Mike Robertson

Protein Roundtable with Dr. Jacob Wilson

Rethinking Percentage Based Training by Tony Gentilcore

How to Set up Band Resisted Push ups by Jim Smith

Phenibut: The Soviet Smart Drug by Menno Henselmans

For the Millionth Time, Spot Reduction is a Myth by Bret Contreras

Examine.com Research Digest is Here via Examine.com and Sol Orwell

Eating Disorders with Layne Norton and Dr. Megan Klabunde

Q and A with Alan Aragon and Luke Johnson

Master the Sumo Deadlift by Jordan Syatt

How to Train and Eat for Optimal Endurance: Interview with Dr. Mike Ormsbee via D Martin Fitness

The Lost Art of Self-Monitoring by Mike Samuels

Whole Grains and Half-Witted Notions by  David L Katz via Stu Phillips

33 Ways to Break Free from Binge Eating by Nia Shanks

The Life of a Celebrity Trainer with Chad Landers via JC Deen and Rog Law

Psychology of Change with Kori Propst via Ben Coomber

Women and Weight Training: Debunking the Myths by Will Brink

The Big Calorie Counting Strawman by James Krieger

How to Use Circuit, Complex, and Combination Weight Training to Lose Fat with Armi Legge and Nick Tumminello

Training, Nutrition, Business, Adversity, Goals, and Following your Dreams via A Fitness Life Radio


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