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WHAT’S UP LADIES AND GENTS!  We have another LOCO list  of good articles, videos, and podcasts to get you educated from some of the best folks in the industry!

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Refeeds, Body Recompositon, and Non-Linear Dieting with Menno Henselmans via Sigma Nutrition

RTS Podcast Interview with Dr. Mike Zourdos via Mike Tuchscherer

Glute Training for Men by Bret Contreras

Body Type Bullshit via Shredded by Science

Carbohydrates for the Strength Athlete with Eric Helms via Panthera Training Systems

How to Squat? Layne Nortons Squat Tutorial via Bodybuilding.com

Hypertrophy Loading Zones by Brad Schoenfeld via NSCA

The Male Bodybuilding Guide By Andre Valdez

3 Weight Loss Tricks You Need to Start With by Mitch Calvert

The Complete Guide to Female Specific Dieting by Mike Samuels

The Body Cleanse: Does Juicing Really Work? By Adam Bornstein

Fear, Injury, Being a PT, and Progression with Jon Goodman via Ben Coomber

Diet, Carbs, and Organic vs Conventional Foods: An Interview with Alan Aragon via Fit Possibilities

Meal Frequency Flexibility and Sustainable Fat Loss Strategies by Nate Miyaki

How to Train and Eat for Optimal Endurance: Interview with Dr. Mike Ormsbee via David Martin

Cardio Makes you Fat and Apples will Rise by Jose Antonio

Muscle Cannot Change Size Without Changing Shape by Andrew Vigotsky Via Bret Contreras and TSG

Does Fiber Count in Calories by Mike Roussell via Bodybuilding.com

The Brutality of Mountain Dog Training via Jon Meadows

HMB for Insane Mass and Strength Gains? Facts Behind the Study with Jacob Wilson and Ryan Lowery via Sigma Nutrition

Physique Science Radio with Bret Contreras and Layne Norton Talking Glutes

Avoiding Cardio Could be Holding you Back by Greg Nuckols


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