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The 3 Things You Should Never Eat in 2016 by Spencer Nadolsky

What Produces Greater Glute Activation: Barbell Hip Thrusts, American Hip Thrusts or Band Hip Thrusts by Bret Contreras

Use Drop Sets to Get Better at Pullups by Nick Tumminello via T Nation

Drinking Alcohol and Tracking Macros with Anthony Collova and Paul Revelia

The Pro’s and Con’ of Percentage Training by Tony Gentilcore via T nation

Always Hungry? Its Probably Not Your Insulin by Stephan Guyenet

Where You Should Be Before You Start Prep by Laurin Conlin

The Ultimate Guide to Reverse Dieting by Katie Coles

Physique Science Radio with Layne Norton and Dr. Joe Klemczewski

Dieting Considerations for Bodybuilding with Danny Lennon and Alberto Nunez

Quit Drinking Via Precision Nutrition

How Fast Should you Lift to maximize Muscle Growth by Brad Shoenfeld

Getting Leaner Starts in the Kitchen by David Martin

Gaining Muscle and Losing Fat in an Energy Deficit with Laurent Bannock and Stu Phillps

Science Driven Nutrition and Putting Research into Context with Danny Lennon and Brad Dieter

Bodybuilding- Effort Required by Evan Godbee

How to Get Stronger on Wimpy Exercises by Mike Samuels

Training Volume, Failure and Rep Ranges with Jeff Nippard and James Krieger

The Simple  Hierarchy of Fat Loss by Tom Venuto

Does it Matter How Fast you Lift by Lou Schuler

The Hypertrophy Range- Fact or Fiction by Greg Nuckols

The Muscle and Strength Pyramid with Layne Norton and Eric Helms



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