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WHAT’S UP LADIES AND GENTS!  We have another LOCO list  of good articles, videos, and podcasts to get you educated from some of the best folks in the industry!

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1 vs 3 vs 5 vs 100 sets by Jose Antonio

Nutrient Timing Revisited by Alan Aragon and Brad Schoenfeld

Why do Peoples Knees Cave Inwards When They Squat? By Bret Contreras and The Strength Guys

How Many Carbs Do You Need? By Nate Miyaki

Do You Even Science With Dr. Jeremy Loenneke Via Well Traveled Wellness

Old School Total Body Training by Mike T Nelson

Unspoken Gym Rules by Tony Gentilcore

Why Speed Work Doesn’t Work by Mike Tuchscherer

Fast and Furious Bodyweight Ladder Workout by Nia Shanks

Gender Differences in Training and Metabolism by Greg Nuckols

8 Things I learned Going Vegan for a Month by Spencer Nadolsky

Understanding What Toxic Really Means by Layne Norton

Useful Info for Those on Thyroid or SSRI’s by Will Brink

Integrating Science with Practice in S & C with Bret Contreras and Laurent Bannock

Training Principles for Building Muscle by Ben Coomber

How Your Brain is Sabotaging Your Fat Loss Goals by Tom Venuto

Interview with Jordan Syatt via Strength Portal

Detoxes: An Undefined Scam By Sol Orwell via Examine.com

Which Nutritional “I’s” and “T’s” Are Worth Crossing? By Eric Helms via Propanefitness.com

Should I Gut out a Workout When I Feel Awful? By Jacob Wilson

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