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The Foods That Fight Inflammation by Adam Bornstein

The Skinny on Artificial Sweeteners by Spencer Nadolsky

How Long Should Your Workout Last? By Tom Venuto

Modern Periodization- A Program Write Up Via The Strength Guys

Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy : The Bros Were Probably Right Via Strength Theory

A Larger Muscle is a Stronger Muscle Due to Increased Strength and Leverage by Bret Contreras

Can You Gain Weight in a Calorie Deficit by Eric Helms and Lawrence Judd Via Shredded by Science

Dieting Trade-offs, Applying Science to Practice & the Future of Nutrition with John Berardi via Sigma Nutrition

Energy Bracelet Scams Review by Will Brink

Low Carb Dieting Flaws, Examining The Claims vs Evidence with Alan Aragon Via Food for Fitness

7 Tips to Stay Trim Through the Holidays by Matt Repece

Holiday Chaos: Improvising Your Routine By Lauren Kelly

10 Life Changing Mottoes Women Should Embrace by Nia Shanks

Eating for Your Goals During the Holidays by Layne Norton via Youtube

The New Science of Time Under Tension by Brad Shoenfeld via T Nation

3 Biggest Misconceptions About Deloads by Evan Godbee

Choosing Healthier Options at the Fast Food Drive-Through by David Martin

Get Stronger Using Paused Deadlifts by Tony Gentilcore

Why Flexible Dieting Works for Diabetes by Mike Samuels

To Epiphany and Beyond! Finding Your “Why” of Weight Loss by James Fell




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